You are You

The Difference Between You and the Neighbor Next Door.

When you sit in front of the mirror and look at the image you see, you want to touch, feel, dress and redress all because you think you should look better than the Neighbor Next Door. You think you deserve all the accolades on your looks even from the Neighbor next door. You suddenly think you are into some rivalry. But what you don’t know is that the neighbor next door wants to be like you. You forget there is a huge world of difference. Let’s see:

You don’t have different shapes of eyes, nose, length of legs, hands, hair, size of shoes and dresses for nothing. It was made for identification and identification for distinction and distinction for recognition and recognition for specification and specification for admiration and admiration for relationship.

You don’t have different parents for formality and your parents don’t look different by coincidence, it’s because everything is for a purpose. Where you are found is where your work begins. Your grooming to be who you are made to be starts from your home  and your parents are a major part of the process. So start learning from their strengths, weaknesses, good and mistakes and don’t  even be carried away by the neighbor next door.

Most importantly, before you were born God knew you. He called you by your name before you were formed in  your mother’s womb. He knows what plans he has for you and all that befits you. You are a unique species not a prototype.

So the next time you look at the neighbor next door and you are tempted to be jealous or to compare and contrast and to feel inferior or superior, remember, the Neighbor Next Door is not better than you nor are you better than the Neighbor Next Door. You are who you are and can always be a better u.

5 thoughts on “You are You”

  1. I really do not get spirit-lifted by written spirit-lifting pieces but your piece turned a switch in me. It’s a replica of that inner voice that yearns for acceptance even from foes. I love this! Thumbs up, ‘Noka.


  2. Now, dis is what am talking about! ur ability to paint a picture and make it sound lyk its d inner voice of the reader speaking to them or giving them a vision puts me in awe of u.
    I simply love dis.
    Asides, I neva knew u bear Lovina.


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