The Power of Words

A single true word,

Could make a bond,

A single genuine smile,

Could take friendship a mile;

Think someone is good?

Are they truthful and firm?

Know you’ll lift their mood,

If you do go ahead and tell them.

The abused child is in need,

For nothing really in the world,

Just the words that tell him,

That he is wanted and loved;

To that person from the slum,

That you thanked for what he’s done,

His delight no one can mar,

Now he’s made you his star.

Hurt can drive one crazy,

Fill with pain and worry

But aint no healing so amazing,

As the simple words “I’m sorry”

Now these little expressions,

Could count for worthy appreciation,

Interested in striking a chord?

All you need do,say the word.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Words”

  1. Maybe we write
    to etch our names on the
    tongues of our readers.
    Maybe we write
    only to change the world.
    Maybe we write
    to remain indelible even after death.
    Maybe we write
    to document our stories, our dreams.
    Maybe we write
    to make the world look small, insignificant and worthless.
    Most times I think this way.
    Or maybe we write
    to mirror the lives of others,
    the hearts of others to know their problems.
    Great writers try to write about
    Most times these heart burn become theirs.
    Our heart buns and theirs merge to become the poems we scribble.
    Maybe poetry heals.
    Maybe we just need to listen to Lovina’s words
    Maybe she personalises our heart burn
    Maybe she stole the words from our heart
    Or maybe she made it seem it was all there
    Or maybe she is the greatest of writers
    Maybe, just, maybe because we love her.

    Love ur poem to pieces


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