You: A product of Your Thought

You: A product of Your Thoughts

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life.

The other day I saw this story of a young lady who made bold to let the world on her addiction to porn, how it started at the early age of 14 and how she was able to overcome it only recently. Needless to say the adverse effects on her were great and when she got her freedom she set out to help others who were facing the same challenge. But then, it all started with a thought which gave birth to curiosity and to action which led to addiction.

The most powerful weapon a person has is the thought. God recognizes this when He said during the time of the tower of Babel “whatever these people set their heart to do they will accomplish it…”

Everything a person does starts from his heart, a thought. Defeat starts from the thought as well as success, lusts starts with a thought as well as love, envy as well as hatred starts with a thought, goodness and kindness as well. Poverty as well as wealth starts from the thought.

There was a time I was afraid of failing, I never wanted to fail and so it was a contest to succeed but I wasn’t bold enough to think of success. My thoughts were constantly on “I must not fail”. Guess what, I failed with such a velocity that I couldn’t measure the acceleration. I learnt then never to be afraid of anything because your fears would always catch up with you.

Since your thought is your power house, you need to feed it. But what are you feeding your thoughts with? What are you spending your time doing, who are ┬áspending your time listening to? What constantly occupies your mind? You can’t be talking of greatness when you are surrounded with mediocres. You won’t make the best doctor when everyone you hang out with are engineers. You can only give out what you have taken in. You can’t be better than what you feed yourself with.

Greatness is not a days work nor is failure. They are both a function of what is feeding your thoughts.

The attitude of staying positive is not only talking positive, acting positive but being surrounded by the inducers of positives. Your thoughts are too important to allow every Tom, Dickinson and Harry into it. Be selective of what enters. Be in charge of your thoughts.

Ever wondered why you don’t forget events like the way you forget your school work? Simple, the part of the brain involved are different. So events and pictures will stay longer in the side of the brain involved than chemistry or literature in its own column.

So to be the you of your dream in this reality is to guard your heart and preserve your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “You: A product of Your Thought”

  1. Permit me to add this;
    “If all that we pre-occupy our mind with is how
    to look good and stay healthy
    …and not for once think on how to better our
    faith and purify our soul; we are nothing but
    …a person who is busy dressing and nurturing
    his flesh for the hell”.

    We are a product of wat we think


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