Easter Song

Blood flowed and sweat poured

So much they became one

Pain and agony knew no better intimacy

Each tear stung the brow

It was a day so dark

A night so hopeless

Each hour never to be forgotten

As each second bore an indelible mark

The accusations didn’t make the situation better

But he bore the weight of all curse still

And no taunting made him do otherwise

It was a task he must go through

The hopelessness of generations

The sentence of death

Were all slained in 72 hours

When a light so intense beamed

Chains were broken

Fetters crushed

Captivity became his captive

But it was not gamma rays

All that seemed like doom on friday

Became our hope on Sunday

But my victory started

When He said it was finished.

The earth paid her homage

As she gave way to her master

Apologizing for holding Him down

She had to fulfill all righteousness

But my Lord said

It had to happen

So that the groan u are subjected to

My brothers will have the power to set you free.

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