Discovering you 2


Welcome back. Let’s continue with my story on how I wanted to be a Lawyer and as a matter of fact an outstanding one. Back then I would sit in front of the television anytime I see the gathering of lawyers. In fact that’s the only time I heed my dad’s instructions of listening to news even though I never heard what those people said. Those days were the only days I never slept off in front of the TV during news. I admired them.
My change of heart all happened one night in front of the TV as I listened to the bye comments from the mouth of the adults at home. I couldn’t imagine those things being said about me in every home if I became a Lawyer. This I never told anyone but myself. As time went on I decided to become an actress and I went to school with that in mind till I entered the Junior Secondary School. In Jss 2, I changed my mind again following a discussion I heard which got me scared(now I have a better understanding of what I heard). So I was left with no dream, no ambition, I went to school everyday because I must. I went on like that till I finished my secondary school.
As is the custom, when entering Senior Secondary School you have to choose between the science, commercial and art classes, I had come to the point to choose. Commercial class was no option for me and so I was left with science and art. What made matters difficult was that I was what we call “all round” student. I was good in all areas academically, my school could not use my Junior school NECO result to decide where I fall in and so I needed something to inform my decision. Back then I didn’t like reading, I was just trying to cultivate the habit especially since I come from a home where we were encouraged to read. I believed arts was about reading novels and poetry so I chickened out. Sciences was the only place left for me. Maybe if I had known that I would be deeply in love with reading especially those novels and writing I might have chosen arts. Finding myself in microbiology was a function of being in sciences and more of other factors that played and I believe it’s for the greater good. Off course I excelled in school in microbiology and I enjoy it but I enjoy reading and writing more.
I went through all that trouble because:
I never talked to anyone especially the adults around me. I paddled my canoe alone. Learn to never make life decisions alone. People have gone ahead so they can guide those coming behind.
Secondly, I didn’t understand myself. Why I was so unstable and easily changed my mind. My temperament played even as a child.
I also didn’t recognize my passion as a  teenager and young adult. I discovered I loved writing in secondary school but didn’t give it any thought. I wrote and dropped in my school bag. I got to love reading from SS1. In SS2  I had read many of Shakespeare’s work that many art students had not.
Giving much thought to yourself is important in discovering the you inside… To be continued

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