The Felony of Inferiority Complex


Fighting hard to find myself
But it waste no time to sink deeper
I’m pulling hard
But Archimede’s principle won’t give way
I’m beginning to despair
But my company doesn’t even care
I’m trying hard
But all seems like tantrums
I feel like I’m tied to a stake
But I discover is more than I can take
Little wonder I’m sinking
But then it’s no feeling
My company has betrayed me
But then what was I expecting
It sold me out to fear and sadness
But how could I have been so trusting
It wasn’t all together my fault
But who am I to blame
I had all at my finger tips
But how should I have known
It took an Eagles eyes to see
But I wasn’t created with one
My courage is at its lowest
But how was I to fight it
I thought I was safe in this cocoon
But how was I to know it was a facade
And now I’m all drained
But in this I find a ray of hope
In place of this wretched companion
I find my confidence beneath the cross
And all the way I walk tall
But be sure it’s no other complex.

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