It’s not only about Talent

It’s not something new that you and others have so much in common but it feels special to know something makes you different. It’s called Talent.
Talent according to the Oxford learners dictionary is the natural ability to do something well. Beyond this talent is the “You” and how you utilize your talent. According to John Maxwell, there are 7 things that make your talent worth the while. They are:
Belief lifts your talent
Initiative activates your talent
Focus directs your talent
Practice sharpens your talent
Perseverance sustains your talent
Character protects your talent.
It’s wonderful to have a talent but it’s beyond having one, it’s about believing in those talents and yourself. Peak milk advert says “it’s in you”. You have to develop your talent, that will make you stand out because you are not the only one standing at the bus station to board the next bus to success. You have to do something different to distinguish you in the crowd. You also need a focus, don’t just live life as it comes.
You need to prepare, get what is necessary, the skills and knowledge so that when opportunity comes you would not be lacking. The place of training cannot be over emphasized. If you don’t wait you can’t be made. If you jump in you will be thrown out. Invest your time and energy in things that will help you grow.
Your character is your priceless possession, if you lack character then you will never have a good name and your purpose will be altered. A good name is better than silver. Your character promotes you.
God created you and placed that talent in you. Build it with Him knowing that the excellency of power that makes a talent stand out is of God and not of you.

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