The Times We Are In


I checked my wall clock and it’s saying 8:25pm according to its 12 hour setting. I walked into my sitting room looking for what I can’t remember and then this news pops up hitting me like a bomb shell. I look back at my clock and it tells me we are in strategic times.
The destinies of nations are being rewritten, the story of men are changing and history is taking a new course while men watch it’s meander. Sons are born and sons die but the seconds hand on my wall clock have not seized.
The crafty are on the chease board while the jokers are cheering on. The game is changing and my clock ticks on. The skies fill with cloud but it brings the hot wind. The coal burns low but it’s carrying the red hot flame.
Wise men will be watching on Zions wall because like the sons of Issacchar they understand the Times and Seasons. They are not sleeping on their beds while the sons of darkness speak dark words round Zion’s wall. It’s time for all, absolutely all to wake and take on their battle clothes because the war cry just began. Wake from your reveling, get responsible because you must take the future of your children and generation yet on born into your hands. Fan the residue of energy left in you because the journey has only just begun. The journey to the place of rest.
Strategic times demand strategic measures.

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