Managing Relationships

A journey of 10,0000 miles begins with a step, so goes the popular saying. A lifetime relationship begins with a step, a day of meeting
This world really is a small place. I have a new friend with whom I got talking, we talked about our universities and other things and we parted for the day. The next day he came asking me if I knew Tolu, I said yes we went to the same secondary school. Then he told me they served(NYSC) together and I was like woo. He went further to ask if I knew Seyi and I said “yes, she was my junior I  secondary school”. He said they attended same University. With this I smiled to myself, this world is such a small place, how we are connected. A whole lot of us have had similar experiences. The question I asked myself that day is, what would they have to say about me?
In relating with others, we have many things to put into consideration ;
Who is this person? You don’t want to go about trampling people and passing off like nothing happened. Knowing about people you meet at one point or the other is important. Knowing them builds a sense of familiarity. Ask their names, birthdays, likes and dislikes, state of origin, etc. Those little information that could make one feel like someone cares to know something about me.
What does this person think about me?
Never give a wrong impression about yourself. Don’t let it  be that it’s when they come close they can say you are a good person because many people won’t have the privilege of coming close. The talk about “I don’t care about what people say about me” is all a lie because the truth is that you care. It’s all in a bid to conceal that truth that you say that.


To be continued…

11 thoughts on “Managing Relationships”

  1. Ojonoka, you nailed this one. Please add it to my list of classics from this blog. I love this. The pictorial illustration is excellent. Keep writing more stuffs like this. Articles that people can relate more to. I hope you understand.


  2. I have always said you are the master or mistress of imagery; painting situations with words like you are watching a movie. I want to tell my own story, but we will talk at Olagbemiro backyard.
    I love it.


  3. Managing yourslf in a relationship is excessively important in a relationship because it will go a long way in determining your stand in the relationship


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