Managing Relationships 2

We started talking about something yesterday, today we continue it. Thanks for reading yesterday’s article.
Have you ever met someone and you never thought something would bring you together and then what happens next which you can’t explain is that this person is your best friend or among your league of friends? Well I have. And this takes us to the next point on things to consider when relating with people:
Why relate with this person at all?
No man is an island, we were designed to need each other. Never think of anybody as inconsequential because a need as little as repair of your shoe would need the skill of someone. At least appreciate someone who does something you are not fashioned to do. Some never think you should thank someone who rendered a service that was paid for. Like the bike man who takes you to your destination safe and sound after all you paid. Maybe when u board a bike that rides you straight into an accident and you live to tell then, you will tell others who are careful with you thanks. Or when u meet a tailor who spoils your expensive dress and insults you still then you will appreciate one who does a nice job. Relate with people from where they stand for you don’t know who would be ready to stand with you where you stand. Sometimes relating with someone doesn’t take more than a beautiful smile that truly means well and it’s from inside.
What do you want them to think about you?
When I watch movies or read novels that have this bad guy who is terrible and commits serious crimes, I realize that they never look like criminals. They give the cops serious job of finding them out. When people meet them on the street they easily blend with them. They have this cool air around them. What do they want people to think about them? What people think about you is your selling point. You don’t go about being snobbish and expect to keep friends and earn people’s respect. The way you present yourself is how they will take you. You don’t go about raising your voice and want people to think you are quiet neither do you always crack dry humored jokes and want people to take you seriously. People meet to part but memories live with them. Remember relating well with people goes beyond today it tells on tomorrow.
To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Managing Relationships 2”

  1. Highly inspirational indeed. Life is more about relationship. A man who does not establish relationship wt pple suffers more in getting things done.


  2. “Remember relating well with people
    goes beyond today it tells on tomorrow.” I just love the closing line.
    ” . . .neither do you always crack dry
    humored jokes and want people to take you
    seriously.” LOL
    Noka, wch one is “dry humored joke” again? wch figure of speech is dat?


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