Sammie’s desk


In this Lagostic*
Mind of mine
Thoughts come and go
Like the rapid transit buses.
To sluggish is to sin
For thoughts don’t
Wait for pens.

In this Kanosian*
Mind of mine
Thinking is vast
Like a field of trade.
Sitting, standing, strolling, sleeping
I exchange time
For structured lines.

In this Deltanious*
Mind of mine
Thoughts are crude
Like unprocessed nuggets.
Fresh and raw
I filter and distil
I refine into barrels.

In this Abatious*
Mind of mine
Writing is real business
Like shit and looking good.
Just give me a pen
The business of poetry
Carries me away.

In this Abujaite*
Mind of mine
Thoughts are expensive
Like the pay of senators.
Nothing goes free (except this)
For it pays
In higher Naira

In this Oguner*
Mind if mine
Words are weighty and heavy
Like the mass of Olumo.
Whether you fling them
or you pass them
I just select, pick and use them.

  The many (*) adjectives that appeared are names of different places in Nigeria. These places are linked with the message of where they are used.

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