Maintaining Relationship 3



I have been writing on this topic for three days and it feels like I shouldn’t close the subject but I have to because the rest is practical classes. Thank you for coming along with me all the way.
One of Newtons law of motion says that “To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction” but I remember being taught by my teacher that what happens on the board isn’t exactly the same with what happens in life because on the board there is always approximation. So that means an action really can sometimes get more reaction or less depending on the person’s sensitivity. So we go to the fifth point of what to consider when relating with people :
What impact would you leave on this person?
One of two things happen when you meet people
You leave positive impact
You leave negative impact
When you meet people and there is a contact, an impact is left. The question is what type and to what degree? We are formed by our environment it is often said which I believe but we must realize the environment is not the road and the tree nor is it the buildings and the vehicles, it is the people who live in that environment. We must realize that the best investment we can have is human beings. Since we want a better society it’s expedient to live positive impact on people. Never leave people worse than you met them. Add value to them because they don’t mind being better. Since you can’t give what you don’t have, then you have to work on yourself to be better each day. When I meet people and I talk with them and chat with them, they relax and are ready to listen. When we say our byes everyone is happy and that person is definitely better that I met him/her. I want to believe no body really wants to be bad but it’s the world they have found themselves in, not that I’m making excuses for them but I’m encouraging you to help others as well as yourself to be better.
Finally, ask yourself, “would I love to be treated the way I treat this person?”
To maintain a relationship is work in itself and one that is profitable in the long run. What you won’t have others do to you, never do to others. You won’t have people shouting at you in public angrily because it’s embarrassing then never do it to others. A sorry could save the situation. You have to learn to see past yourself and see the other person, learn to love people and not see them as trees. Loving your neighbor as yourself has to do with you considering your neighbour’s interest higher than yours. If it was me would I take it? Ask yourself that.
Respect others. Respecting people is not dependent on the age of the individual, everyone deserves to be respected. There is nothing you must have at all costs except saving a person at all cost. Adding value to a life at all cost, forgiving at all cost.
The bottom line of all we have been saying is Love. Love people, love yourself and then you can be selfless. But you can achieve nothing when the author of love who is God u don’t have. When you are pushed beyond your ability to take remember to ask yourself WWJD (what would Jesus Do) if He were in my shoes. As you go about every day meeting both new people and relating with others you have on ground remember, that your life is not about you but others around you. When you are gone what would they have to say about you? This life is a beautiful place when you maintain it to remain so.

4 thoughts on “Maintaining Relationship 3”

  1. thnx Lovina i wz really blessed especially by the day two of managing relationships, it opened my eyes to things i v not given attention to in my daily interractions. Am trusting God to be a better me in my relationships. tnx n God bles u.


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