When you are tempted to Complain…



Imagine if this world was all perfect. No failure, no sickness, nothing ever made you sad, you never had to worry about a girl telling you no, never worried about exams and things like that in this present body of yours. When you look back through the years you find out that what makes you have a story to tell is the combination of the good, the bad and the ugly, all these makes your story fleshy. Have you ever found your self recounting an experience only for you and your hearers to burst out laughing then you say, “it wasn’t funny” and there you were laughing about it.
Life people say is not a bed of roses, but maybe if we look at bed from a farmers view maybe life is. Rose plant have thorns and it’s this tree of thorns or prickles that produce the special flowers. Sometimes good things don’t come in beautiful packages and the road to success is not always straight. The longer a wine is left to age the more expensive it is. Many things happen to people but remember it’s all to shape them. There are different angles to a thing and off course different views. Never stick to one view of any situation, always look for the positive side. Now I’m not saying don’t be realistic neither am I saying be optimistic, what I’m saying is that what ever happens to you is to produce a better you. At the end of the day what ever you make out a situation is what you make out of your self. What ever comes your way ask these questions:
What lesson is to be learnt in this?
What didn’t I do right and what did I do right?
How can I do it better given another opportunity?
You must learn never to shift blame, be responsible for your actions. A man who always shift blames never learns and never grows.
You must learn to make opportunities out of every situation, that’s what makes the wealthy man different from the poor man. Don’t always see bad, see challenge, see opportunity, a chance to be better.
Before you complain remember this, “every sad event is a potential testimony”.
Please share your experiences in the comment box.

5 thoughts on “When you are tempted to Complain…”

  1. Hmmm! ‘The longer a wine is left to age, the more expensive it is’ This is a beautiful piece, highy inspiring and educative.


  2. interospection and to realise what i actually expect from my life has made my life much easy and simpler. Don’t blame others at the same time don’t be guilty of your own actions. Just go with the flow of life . Learn from experiences. Take decision and remember with every decision comes extra baggage (you can not grow beautiful plants in your house without bringing mud to your house)

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