Two Sides to a Coin


Have u ever seen people deep in argument, almost at each other’s throat, the kind that broke into a bitter fight and you don’t know if they apologized to each other afterwards? Most time those argument started out as an interesting discussion in which they had same views until there started to be a divergence. Parties involved immediately forgot that everyone is allowed his opinion.

Listen this funny story, I was discussing with a friend of mine and we got to a point where I had to use the name of Jesus. I said Jesus’… and she got offended, why should I say Jesus’ that no matter what it remains Jesus and saying Jesus’ was blasphemous. I told her it was alright to say so, it’s just like saying James’ or Thomas’or Rachael’s or Steven’s…  But she wouldn’t agree and got so angry with me for saying that and not withdrawing my statement. Quess what, we went round trying to prove each other’s point through out our reading time, wasted our time and she was so angry and we ended up achieving nothing. I backed down when a friend reminded me of a scripture that said do not get involved in vain arguments for they bring strife. But I had wasted all of that night and it took grace not to hold each other by the throat. The question is whether Jesus’ or Jesus does it change anything?

Many things have different dimensions to them, the only thing that does not is Truth where the constant k=1. Even in solving a mathematical problems there are ways to get to the right answer. That’s the beauty of life. The ability to see things in different ways, through different eyes is what makes us have different designs of clothes and shoes, building, games and gadgets. If we all see things same way there won’t be diversity. So it is when it comes to views. Listen to others views, look at it closely and discuss it in civilized manner.

Everybody has a point even though not all points are relevant to you. We all can’t stand at different point at the same time, so remember, the point from which is seeing is the point from which he is talking. Don’t force your ideology and opinions down people throat if not you are not better than terrorist.

Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter, nor in arguments that won’t put food on your table or clothes on your body nor make you a more respectable individual. Invest your time in things that add value. Some people behind the prison because of argument that resulted in man slaughter.

Be careful, be vigilant because your adversary the devil is moving about like a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.

3 thoughts on “Two Sides to a Coin”

    Every child sees his father
    As “a tree among grasses”
    Even I, I see you- Father
    “A whale among sardines”

    Every child sees his mother
    As “a whole among the halves”
    Even I, I see you- Mother
    “A giant among dwarves”

    Every one sees his/her friend
    As “best among the rest”
    Even I, I see you- friend
    “A pet among pests”


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