The Cacophony of My Emotions


Hide and seek
Jangling over
Wild goose chase
I don’t want to do this anymore

Between the table tennis or lawn tennis
Or is it the cheese or draft
The basket ball or hand ball
I’m in between decisions

Ding doing ding
Like the black smith’s hammer
So much noise in my heart
All I get for dreaming big

Oceans waves
Stronger than rivers peace
Hot boiling oil
Couldn’t be helped by a cup of cold water

Sinking in d sea of despair
My Emotions are tangled
Yet I can’t scream out
Because you won’t hear

It’s not that bad
I hear a voice say
Turned my neck
He has been here all along

Focus is what you need
I will help you if you let me
Take a day at a time
Worry not for tomorrow

Answers are not far
But you need a quiet mind to see
Stop creating the noise
All you need is available.

Alas, I find peace within me
My path is clear
And I dance along
Not because it’s straight anyway.

3 thoughts on “The Cacophony of My Emotions”

  1. True! Not bcos it’s straight… But there’s a great treasure to be tapped when we take our focus off ourselves, our emotions. Infact, our emotions sometimes get us more confused than clear of reality.


  2. “Answers are not far
    But you need a quiet mind to see”
    Herein, therein, I mean, in you lies the panacea, all you need is the ingenuity to bring it out.


  3. That is true, “Answers are not far”. Most time emotional distractions prevent us from seeing the reality. However, we cannot do without our emotions, it just that we must learn channel it in right direction.


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