The art of Worship

Worship is beautiful and sweet. Worship will change an atmosphere, bring you on your knees and feel your heart with joy. The question is, what is worship? Is worship singing solemn songs and lifting your hands above your head? Is worship screaming and shouting when the song leader says let’s be in the mode of worship? Is worship singing songs that gives us sober reflection? What is worship???

Worship is more than a mood, is a life style, worship is more than singing but singing that is done in spirit and in truth. Worship is beyond songs, it’s about the heart. Worship encompasses your singing, your prayers, your daily activities. Worship is not dependent on the beat of a song, it’s not about the song being slow and solemn. Worship is more.

I’m tempted to leave this floor open and come back later in the day to finish it. I will succumb to the temptation. Share what you think about worship…


4 thoughts on “The art of Worship”

  1. I suppose that Worship is sacrifice. It entails the daily laying down of your life and all its resources to whom you considered worthy of them. Everything Christians do whenever they gather should be worship. Each day actions and reactions with words and deeds should carry the emblem of our God, it should show forth his worth in our estimation, it should depicts His glory to the watching world. When worship is rightly offered our lives is overwhelmed with splendor as we share in His glory. Worship is a means of sharing in the glory of God.


  2. worship is the life wire of a believer, Jesus speaking said the time shall come n now is d tym wen true worshippers shal worship Him in truth n in spirit. worship, imbeded in worship is Gods presence. u cnt do wtot it. tnk u n God bles


  3. Worship is an adoration, an awe of our creator. I have sat through church services and been moved to tears at the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit’s presence. I looked around through those tears and wondered how many people really saw the Lord there that day. Worship is how we receive the blessing of His presence because if we are not worshipping with our whole hearts (in truth and in spirit) we will miss Him.


    1. Totally agree. One morning I saw the artistic work of God with the clouds, changing the colours and shape, I help standing and watching awe. But many didn’t see it not even when I showed it to them. God is beautiful

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