You’ve Got To Stand For Something

I was inspired by this so I’m sharing it. I hope you are inspired too.

Shades of Grace

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

I was putting groceries in my car when I heard them calling out to her, the distasteful names. I could see she was trying to remain unaffected by their opinion of her but there was that familiar look of pain and shame in her eyes. I swore I would never silently spectate such a scene again, back in junior high.

We were in 7th grade. Patricia had been out of school for about 9 months when she walked into Mrs. Dause’s history class hugging her notebooks to her chest. She hadn’t changed much, slender built, stringy bleached blonde hair, and one of her front teeth was broken leaving only half of it. She had deep dark circles under her eyes, the eyes of an old woman. Those eyes had seen things no 7th…

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