Don’t try to fit in

When I watch the documentary of the animal Kingdom, I become glued to the TV. The animals are special and each respect it’s place. Their diversity helps maintain the balance of the animal Kingdom. The carnivores go after their prey, pursue to conquer and I don’t notice any grudge from the members of the family of the prey. I think they understand how things work and they all try to survive. But I don’t see the antelope wanting to become a tiger nor the Leopard a lion nor the Ostrich a Zebra. They know their places, limitations and so respect their hierarchy by staying in their niches. But they develop adaptations for survival.

That diversity is also needed in man’s world, the differences will  Avance our ecosystem. God gave us our differences for these reasons:
No man can be an island
Man’s limitations

Don’t throw it all away, ddon’t try to fit in because the community you find yourself in doesn’t celebrate you. Who will fill your space, the unique thing in you that they need to keep everything in balance? The reason why choristers don’t all have the same voice is to make the music melodious, beautiful and sweet to the ears. The reason you are different is to fulfill purpose, to solve a need, to lend a voice, to help a soul and to keep your heart alive. Be you and everyday work at being a better you.

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