It’s May day, stay positive


It’s May 1,its may day, it’s workers day. Happy workers day.
Days haven’t really been smooth nor has stress reduced. It’s a public holiday and I know some private firms that will deduct today’s money from their workers salary. There are many reasons to complain but u need one reason to stay positive. There is life. There are bound to be disappointment, discouragement and success, it’s all up to you to make positivity out of every situation. Let’s go like this
Resolve never to speak negatively into your life.
Never be full of complaints, always give thanks to God and people
Never wish your employer evil no matter how ill you think of him especially if you see yourself an employer of Labour. Pray for him/her instead
Don’t be too relaxed in any position, aim at greater Heights but put in your best where ever you are.
Take care of other people’s investment and then you can be blest with yours
Love yourself, love your neighbor, add value.
Remember you are not a product of chance, you are God’s special design, see your life like that and let your creator direct your ways.

Happy new month, happy workers day.

5 thoughts on “It’s May day, stay positive”

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