The Enigma of Love


Love is the warm feeling of liking and likeness for a person which leads to self giving and self sacrifice.

Musa Zekeri in the book titled The Mystery of One Flesh

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you are being asked, “how are you sure that your partner is not cheating on you when you are far apart?” and you say I know. You are pressured for an explanation but you can’t find any, you just know because you believe you know the person you are with.

I saw a movie titled “knocking on heavens door” and actually I still have. It’s about a couple who were supposed to do ministry together, they were into music but the husband got jealous of his wife because she gained more popularity than him. It seemed she started her career before they got married. This man did all sort of wicked things to his wife, he would come back to apologize and she easily forgave him and he would still repeat same cycle. I said to myself, “this woman loves this man to take all this treatment and forgive that easily without holding any grudge”.

There was another movie about a bad guy who terrorised a whole community so much so that policemen were afraid of him but the love he and his friend shared changed him, he gave up his fire arms and served prison sentence but when trust was breached and love was broken he decided to pick up his old life.

The strongest force in the world is not the force of gravity but Love. The problem of the world is lack of love or maybe the love of oneself at the cost of everyone else. A community that produces terrorist and hoodlums as well as robbers is a community that lost the core value of love. A family where siblings hate each other is a family where the parents didn’t show love nor teach the children to love.

Love and the power of love is a mystery, a mystery that can only be solved in God because He is the author and father of love. He himself is Love and there is nothing we can do about that. To say that love is dead is to say you are dead. The reason you are alive is for love, because of love. The reason you were giving birth to in the first place no matter the circumstances of your birth is for love.

There is something about love that makes the strongest man weak, that melts the most stony heart, that takes away so much wrath, that gives a depressed woman hope, that calms the tears of a child, that bonds two enemies into great friends, that binds two nations but the opposite causes so much chaos, the kind that led to world war2…

So why is it so difficult to love if that’s what we need to make the world a  better place?… To be continued.

3 thoughts on “The Enigma of Love”

  1. So why is it so difficult to love if that’s what we
    need to make the world a better place? Because many av been taught d O.Y.O mentality (On Your Own) and a lot av bought it already. You not always on your own. Love ur neighbor as urslf


  2. Great article…..very brief and weighty!
    Love is mysterious as God is..’cause he actually is and for us to love we need his “genes”-Not necessarily religious linked. Good morals also tend towards absolute love, having others ahead of us, love being self-giving and self-sacrificing is cycled round total TRUST. You can’t love whom you don’t trust whilst Love becomes self-limiting when trust is breached. It is a fact that we can’t love everyone(likeness’s another option) as it is optional and borne out of conscious effort, therefore we all need to go extra mile to love one another so as to make the world a better plave.


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