The enigma of love 2


Does love hurt?
Ever heard of a cheating man saying, “I love my wife”? In movies anyway and I want to believe it does happen.

Love is always ready to give to make the other happy, love is full of sacrifices, love does not want to cause pain. How love changes a man for me is enough puzzle but it shows how much every one desires to be loved.

The reason why the world lacks love is because it’s full of selfishness, the me syndrome. Me first, me alone, I must get the best for me, after all the Bible says love your neighbor as yourself not more than. I make bold to tell you that you love yourself more than your neighbor. Ever asked yourself that if I was in the place of this person what would I want others to do for me in order to solve this situation?

The reason why you are so unhappy is because you have not been able to show love. It’s because the most important person to you is you . when you have love you are a joyful man, when you show love there is contentment inside your heart.

The ability of love to transform the giver and it’s receiver is puzzling but it’s real. Do show some love today.
My question is waiting for answers, does love hurt?

2 thoughts on “The enigma of love 2”

  1. Hmmmmmnnnn, suffice me to say love does hurt as much as it’s sweetness…

    Love encompasses all human existence and activities, love for self, love for God, love for parents-siblings, extended family members friends, associates. It’s a “choice” thing but when it seems like the choice borne out of absolute trust is severed, then issues of hurt comes to play.

    I have heard people(friends, folks) said to me, ” he just told me he’s not interested in the relationship again and I don’t know why”!, “I disown you as my daughter, you are not worth it….”! Etc, these statements depicts broken heart, lost love, hurt, and something needs to be done before such degenerates further.

    Reassurance of love shows how much we cherish the bond of love we have for the ones we love, so a continual conscious effort is needed to reassure them, when we go wrong against each other, “I am sorry” is the antidote to grief and hurt that could degenerate further to a fiery argument, self-satisfaction and lost love.

    Love is so sweet as much as it hurts but handling critical situations with respect, maturity, situation analysis will go a long way in preventing hurt in a relationship.

    “Love is wicked…” – Brick & Lace


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