When what you wear counts


For every departmental and final year dinner that happened in school every year there were lists of awards and among them was the award of best dressed male and female and it didn’t have to do with how decent the dressing was but what the clothes spoke about them, how many clothes are in your wardrobe and how classy they are.

If I were to give those awards, it will be whose dressing defines a person with a great personality and goal. For me when people say “the way you dress is the way you are addressed” doesn’t have anything to do with money and being expensive, it has to do with value, decency and moral.

I have met a lot a females who tell me that street guys keep following them and disturbing them for a relationship. I tell them that they invited it. The way you dress, that is your sense of fashion tells a lot about who you are. You don’t expect to go naked on the street and expect a guy who believes in decency to approach. The first assessment of a person is the way he is dressed. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing NIKE, Gucci, D&G, or any designer you count matters, it matters which design you are wearing, it matters what that design says about you.

Imagine you aim at been a doctor or lawyer then you go to school dressed like a porn star or an “excort” . Or you go to the hospital and the doctor attending to you is on big jeans, big chains on the neck, some funny hair cut, I bet you would ask if he was the doctor and if you are like me, he won’t attend to you. The society has its expected look of what you claim you are. You can’t be one thing and claim otherwise. Even the bad guys of the society know this and present themselves well, so why won’t you who say you have a great dream, a great future do likewise.
Your dressing speaks for you before your mouth does…

Join me as I wish my friends: Sammy Blaq and Bukumi happy birthday. Yours day will be long and full of joy, happiness and blessing and above all God’s presence.

11 thoughts on “When what you wear counts”

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  2. Tenx sis, am flawed by this, like u reminded me today’s was my birthday. oh no! u didn’t, but I appreciate it so much. *dancing shoki 2 the office*


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