No excuse, don’t pass the blame


Do you know you have a natural tendency to make excuses for yourself and what you do? Let’s find out. Answer all these questions
How are you today?
Where were you yesterday?
What happened where you went?
Why did that happen?
Who was the cause?
Do you think if that person or object was absent it would have happened?
So what made you lose control?
Why are you angry and bitter?

The ability for human beings to quickly take eyes off themselves and pass on the blame is so high that even children are not exempted. Students want to blame their lecturers for their failure, people want to blame their parents and upbringing for their behavior, citizens want to blame the government for the state of the nation, parents want to blame their children for the anger and lack of control, when there is no one to blame then we ultimately blame God for the chaos and setbacks in your life and in the world. What we forget is that the probability of every outcome, dependent or independent outcomes are a product of our choices.

There were two children fighting over what I did not know. I got to separate them and asked them what happened. Each pointing finger on the other said he is the one. When they told me their story I didn’t see who to justify and so that they don’t go back fighting I made them to apologize to each other in the end but not without telling them both that they were both at fault.

If you are discussing and a fight erupts know that that outcome was a product of choices you made. You could have stopped that conversation then, you could have given up your right, why were you there in the first place. That’s just a casual example. Looking at more life challenging decisions we make every day, you are most tempted to blame something or someone if things go awry but appreciate yourself and take all the glory if it goes well in fact, better than planned, it’s the human nature.

Always remember that a man who never accepts blames and keeps making excuses can never learn from his errors and can not grow. Always take responsibility for your actions. Before you see someone, look at yourself. Ask yourself : what did I do wrong
Where did I miss it or mix things up
What should I have done differently
What should I do if this kind of situation arises next time?

The path to success is never making excuses for your short coming. Look into yourself. The trouble started with u. People, family and the environment has their fault and effects on you but what ever you become and do ultimately is your decision.

4 thoughts on “No excuse, don’t pass the blame”

  1. A natural man must always give excuses, he cannot do otherwise. But when he comes to Christ, the ‘naturalness’ dies. He becomes a new creature.
    Well done Ojonoka. The Lord makes His face shine upon u.


  2. Living without giving excuses and passing the blame for our faults and failures is very important if we must live a fulfill life. I however, realise that giving excuses and passing of blame are part of the normal attributes of natural men, but when we submit to Jesus, He will shake off these attributes and replace them with the ones that will set us on a part to greatness.

    Well done dear, more grace.


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