I’m confused, help!

Have you ever been confused about what to eat, what to wear, what to read, what to do, should I go for this relationship, should I walk out of this relationship, and who you are? Well, happens many times to me. But not being able to make a choice between food is a small matter compared to being unable to take a decision about something that directly affects your life. As children, parents made the decision but it gets to a time when you start taking your own decisions. The thing about taking decisions is that it could make or mar you. When it’s time to choose what to study for your first degree u find yourself thinking and then you come up with something, then you finished that and start thinking of what to do for your second degree and then third, you think about where to work and many other life decisions. The thing is that many never live their lives nor fulfill purpose for wrong decision they made.

Let me tell you a story. There was a family of 11, 6 boys and 3 girls. The family was a wealthy family, had one of the biggest houses in their community, they seemed to have all the wanted and the parents loved God. They brought up their children in the way they knew how and thought was best. Soon all 9 children grew up and all became successful when talking about position and financial status. None was placed low, they didn’t have to look for jobs, jobs looked for them and they were torn in between which offer to pick. Later on some of the children traveled out of the country, settled there and became a force to reckon with in their professions. One day, one of the sons came home, back to the country seeking a wife to marry, talked to some friends and one linked him with a lady. They both started dating while the parents where trying to find out the lady’s background and who she is. Shortly after, he returned to his base outside the country, arranged for the lady to come visit him and the next the parents knew was that the girl was pregnant. The parents didn’t approve of the lady but what could they do? They got married, she traveled to stay with him and he was processing her residence paper without her knowledge. The week he was supposed to finalize all that there is to residence permit, he discovered something that was the beginning of the end of his marriage. He came home and walked into his room one night after work, didn’t know what led him to the drawer, opened it and found knife hidden in it. He asked his wife about it, she gave some incoherent excuses. The wife wanted to kill him to take over his properties home and abroad. He stopped processing the residence permit, found a way to send her back home and other stories follow but you can be sure it’s not finished yet. It all started with one wrong decision.
Another son of the family finished from the University with a first class, became a hot cake in the Labour market. Every company bids for him. It seemed his life was perfect when you see from afar. One day he opened up to his sister, he told her a secret that changed the family forever. He was a drug addict, he was introduced to drugs in his first inbthebuniversity. He made so much money but spent it all on hard drugs and the only reason he wasn’t in debt was because he earned big but he didn’t and couldn’t have any investment. The drugs didn’t make him less efficient, there was no way you would know just from looking at it. He wanted a way out of this pit fall he got himself into when he made the wring choice but the remedy wasn’t coming in easy.
Taking decisions is like playing chesse, the wrong move might eventually destroy the king… To be continued

3 thoughts on “I’m confused, help!”

  1. In the words of Stephen Covey “I am not a product of my circumstnces. I am a product of my decisions”

    What I am to day or what I am not is as a result of choices I have made over time.

    Well done dear. Please where is the confusion?


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