I’m confused, help 2


The reason we are unable to make up our minds is that we are confused, torn between options. On the surface all options look plausible but then we can’t have the two or more. We can’t all be blamed, sometimes it’s because we want the best for ourselves, other times it might be because of greed. Sometimes it’s because of fear and other times it’s because we don’t want to have regrets. And so we are pushed into a game of mini mini mani more father has a donkey, and wait to see who and what our lot falls on.

Sometimes the reason you are confused is because you are multitalented, any area you turn you come out well as long as you want to do it. So you haven’t discovered or decided your area of maximum strength. I can understand and feel how tight that can be because there have been many days I have been lost and it seems I lost touch with who I am and what I want to do with my life. I was so down that I didn’t want to go on, I wanted to remain in my bed and keep praying if God will speak very clearly what I should do but I couldn’t do that. Studying was getting difficult and boring because I was in an unbalanced state, I felt like I shouldn’t be doing this MSc but it felt I was doing the right thing but how did I get out of it and how will you get out of it;
1. I pray about everything, God listens no matter how foolish it sounds to you, even when you accuse Him. So talk to Him today like you would discuss with a friend or a therapist, don’t get all formal, get friendly.
2. I talked with my fiance who gave me a deeper insight into what I was feeling and reminded me that I must finish my program well. He encouraged me. My sister said I should hold on. So talk to someone you trust and and who has a positive influence on you. Don’t keep quiet, don’t keep to yourself so you don’t make a mistake.
3. I reassessed myself, why did I choose this in the first place, what was my plan and prospects. It’s called reminder. That is the more reason why you need a personal journal to put down your thoughts and prospects as they come along, because of days when you loose touch and are plunge into the sea of confusion and despair. If you can’t remember then take a quick study of yourself(read more in discovering yourself on this blog) with a book and pen in hand.
4. One day I came back from school after writing a poem and I shared it. Then it struck me to do something with my writing, and the idea of a blog came and that was how this blog started. I have been feeling content and happy since then and studying has been easier. Sometimes when you are at a cross road God is opening your eyes to a bigger picture and you have to be sensitive to see it. Rest in God, He will shine light on your darkness.

The reason for wrong decision is wrong choices and the reason for a wrong choice could be confusion… Bt you are never alone.

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