Celebrants of the day

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Iremide Akande


I love you from earth to moon back to the earth….Happy birthday my little angel…Uncle Tayo, May 2015.

Oyelakin Olusegun

Happy birthday my friend, brother, confidant and partner… Sammy Blaq

4 thoughts on “Celebrants of the day”

  1. To my sweet little angel, my beautiful niece, thank God for a very eventful 365 days you have experienced, the aura of God’s nature and gift to the Family.
    I was in the 7th heaven this time last year when I heard about your arrival, it was and is awesome to be an uncle. Thank God for all the nights of cry due to neonatal illness, teething and so on, all the beautiful smiles and laughter which makes you special among your peers…As I stare down into your sweet face anytime I hold you in my “unclely” arms, I try hard to image what you will be like in a year from now, in 5 years, as a teenager, as a woman. I pray that you will keep your loving nature, you will more source of blessings to the family, friends and your generation at large.

    I love you dearie.


  2. Segun, our Segun happy birthday. I have waited for this day since a year ago we sat to celebrate u. For every year, you will be greater and the sound of rejoicing will not cease from your abode.


  3. From the first day I met you in my first year of college, I knew you were A-Hell-Of-A-Guy. I just couldn’t ditch you; even when I wanted to. You carried this air of finesse that everything was under control even when we knew they weren’t. It wasn’t long before you called upon me to be the M.C of your birthday get-together or what do I call it (that was 2010). I didn’t fuss on how to master it (ceremony) cos, time would be exhausted talking about/on you.
    Little did I know that in my second year, we were going to be roommates (like seriously) and you just had to be my tenant (bunk mate). You were the most horrible room mate in that room, okay, not the most, maybe next to the most horrible, but you were my Go-To-Guy. You gave me issues and solved those issues for the fun of it, saved me from numerous confrontations (Chai! My mouth no go kill me).
    Year three came, and I was doused into the reality that you would be my room mate for the second year running (Mogbe! So bi somi moja ni?). Our path had been mapped out from the onset and yes, they crossed many times like an entwined zigzag. We (FantasticFive) were always seen together, sometimes slept on the same bed (No homo). Chai! I remember the days of “Fire Bucket”. Memories I still hold dear.
    Final year came, and I wasn’t surprised we were room mates again. Omo, you were a faithful tenant, paid your rent as at when due for three years. I love you more for that (Lol).
    You became my best buddy, room mate of life, most worthy tenant, counsellor, friend, a pet and pest, brother and part of ma thight knitted family. I Love You and wish you long life and the best life offers. You shall not have a better yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER.
    Nid i add that he lent me money numerous times, some of which am not sure I paid back.


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