My One True Love


Your face is all I can see even when my eyes are open, putting your thoughts from my heart is the same as the word impossible itself. I find myself living for you alone and I can say I don’t want to let it go. Looking at your picture is about the only satisfaction I can get right now because you are not here with me.
I don’t know what this is and maybe I don’t want to but this I know, I want to have you by my side forever because I can’t think of myself with anyone else. This feeling I can’t explain but I can say this much, I love you.
Seasons have passed and times have rolled by and this thing in my heart has grown deeper. Some say distance keeps apart but for me our distance has kept us closer because the only command my heart obeys is to love you.
I am not ashamed to love this much but I will be ashamed to deny my love for you. I want to sing only for you and dance only to the rhythm of your love. You might not understand it all but this I am very sure of that you are my one true love.
Let your name by my only spell and let your love unlock every chamber in my heart because you have the right. Walk courageously through the gates of my heart because I have given you the key for I am not afraid to let you have it for perfect love cast out fear.
I let go of every boundaries and break every rules because I know you won’t take advantage and you would protect me as you priceless treasure and your enviable jewel. Let my thoughts give your heart pleasure because I want to be your one true love.


3 thoughts on “My One True Love”

  1. Whenever love is a subject matter of a piece, u cant just go wrong. Believe me sis, when i say this, you nailed this down with more bigger nails than the 9-inch. You wanna make me change my gender.
    I guess I was the inspiration for this piece sha. Plz tell me yes and make my year.


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