Why Life Seems Unfair

One of the most popular movie in the world is Titanic which ends in a tragedy. Many will say life is unfair, just when Jack and Rose found love the sea snatches it away. Also heard the story of Concord? The fastest plane in the world that crashed. Someone’s great invention and hard Labour slipped through his hands just like that. Let me bring you closer home, have you read so hard, decided not to cheat in the exams or test and at the end of the day you failed or didn’t do well while others who you think didn’t study like you did or cheated did well in the exams? Many say “life is unfair”  and some go far to saying “God is unfair”.

What we forget is that many things we do decide the outcome of an event. The Titanic and the Concord had something in common, they crashed on their first outing and bit the crash started when they made the wrong statement saying not even God can crash the Titanica and the Concord when in life you can’t be 100% certain of an event but you can be 99.9999% and leave the other 0.0001% to uncertainty which will allow you take precautions. Our daily activities contribute to other factors that make things happen  such as how positive or negative we are. Our life style is a major determinant. Examples :
Staying negative
Keeping the wrong company
Talking carelessly
Being ungrateful to God and men
Not seeking the right counsel
Not eating the right food, unhealthy nutrition
Not asking questions, always assuming
Not having a defined goal
Being unhonest, and undependable
Being impolite, saucy and insolent
Not given to reading and many more.

When we combine our doings with that of others they bring the results we have. Not to mention that the world is unbalanced now all due to the activities of man, not God nor the nature. Actually if not for God and the activity of His handwork, the earth should have been destroyed long ago but God is faithful even when we are unfaithful.

Before we say life is unfair, we should think about untold stories that we never know, about the results of our actions that we have long forgotten and the ones we remember and know that nothing happens by chance and also, not all that happens to a man is destiny, it could be wrong decision and wrong timing.

Think through, pray through… And remember God orders the step of the righteous ”


10 thoughts on “Why Life Seems Unfair”

  1. kudos, your article is apt especially as regards the damage done to our society today. I guess there’s no real reason that satisfies all people or seems soul-satisfying in all situations on the “unfairness” of life. Maybe why life is unfair is a mystery. As for many who remain hurt because of unfair events, where does one start on the journey to healing?


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