Why is it this way?

A few days ago I discovered a shocking revelation confirmed to me by doctors. Guess what it is, Patients lie to their doctor. I found it hard to believe but alas it is true. The question is why? Knowing the doctor is not God to know what happened and is happening.

I used to think it was only the media but now I discover that accountants, lawyers, business men, artists all lie. I didn’t know the severity until I heard that patients also lie. It was a disturbing discovering because I kept wondering where the world is heading to while we are on earth. There is this common saying that women love lies but I believe it’s all that love lies. Media stories sell only if it bad news because that’s only when it’s news anyway. So they modify a story until it has a bad, horrible side even if the story was already bad. Movie producers will always twist a movie to be full of evil such that 96% of the movie is sad events and the remaining to introduction and happy ending. The reason is that it’s audience, you and I want to believe a lie, and that they must exaggerate to elongate a movie. The politicians tell so much lies that even you know they are all lies but you vote them anyway and start complaining about them. You won’t vote the one that makes less promises because you say he doesn’t have what you need but I think that it’s because he didn’t say what you wanted to hear.


Lies lies lies every where, every ear wants to hear them, so how are we going to get better. We hate those who speak truth so how are we going to change. There is another popular saying, “truth is better”, I want to disagree. Truth is only bitter to those who hate truth and love lies or you told a lie in form of a truth, you let out your truth in order to blackmail or hurt and crush a spirit. Truth in itself holds the power to bring change and deliver, and set straight many wrongs correcting the error of many generations. 


But there has to be a change and it must start from you. Stop lying to the doctor, to yourppatients, to your neighbor, to your clients, to your listeners, to your benefactors, to your parents, to your children, to your spouses, to your employees, to your employers, to your nation, to your world. The change begins with you…. Pass it on


One thought on “Why is it this way?”

  1. It’s intriguing to me how you bring up lying and what the truth can really mean for us and how we need to change. It’s something that is definitely on a lot of people minds nowadays because like Jesus fortold we are in critical times hard to deal with (2 Timothy 3:1-4) we see these things happening on a day to day basis amd it can be distressing. If you’d like to know more about the hope and the truth that God can give us read this article found on JW.org http://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/know-the-truth/1102008390/


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