Things we do that kills People’s Morale

IMG_20150527_021206There is popular slang among many youths and teenagers even when we are playing it is; “you are killing my morale” and it’s used when someone or your your friend is doing something contrary to your line of thought. For example there is an argument and you want your friend to respond with a physical contact just to instigate a fight. That’s just an example

Our morale is part of our everyday life and no matter who you are and claim to be, so many things and people affect the way it operates, the way your mental state and your mind functions. Before you go check your dictionary, morale is a state of individual psychological well-being upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose.

So what are the things we do intentionally and unintentionally that is killing a friend’s, a loved one’s or even an enemy’s morale?

1. Complaints : this habit is common in many especially women and they think they are just airing their opinion, to get things off their chest. When people come around you and all you do is Complain about one thing or thing or complain about something lacking in an individual all the time, you push that person away. If it’s not your hair is not combed then it’s your shirt that’s rumpled or your mouth is not brushed and other things. Even the ear Like’s to hear good news too.

2. Accusation: even I am tempted to do this many times. When I remember I told someone to do something and it’s not been done then I remember I have a phone. Why haven’t you done this and that and forget to see before you can even appreciate what the person has done. You say, Why are you always like this meanwhile it has only occurred twice since you have been with this person for 3¬†years. Last weekend I said something very bitter to my fiance like that, I said everything I ask you to do something you never do but it was a terrible lie because before I finish talking it is done most times but then the feeling of the moment overrode every good he has done. But we are meant to see people’s good before their bad. The reason we find it difficult to forgive a hurt is because we forget all the past good and become glued a one bad and become a judge because you can’t be a criminal. The truth is that you are worse off. Forgetting people’s good is a crime. If a bike almost runs you into a vehicle you are quick to shout at him and call him names but you never remember to appreciate the one that gently takes you to your destination safely because you are used to accusations.

3. Finding fault: wow! Some people are professional fault finders. Where you don’t even think they can find fault they do, especially the choleric. These people make me want to shout them down. They are the impossible to please. They have one million and one ways why it should have been done differently. These kind of people make a lot of mistakes but never take the blame, always ready to push the blame on others, always ready to see people’s fault but not theirs. Always ready to pass a judgment but not praise. These people are what I will call the definition of the word “nag”. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are like that because they are always right anyway. Before you see a fault, see the work and acknowledge. Have you ever heard statement such as, “do you expect me to hug the clouds because of this little thing you have done when your mates out there are doing better?”. They just know how to shatter one’s spirit. Look into yourself and stop it if you are like that. Everybody wants to please you but you are just impossible so soon everybody will leave you to yourself.

4. Ignoring people’s feeling: to be continued…¬†IMG_20150527_021143

4 thoughts on “Things we do that kills People’s Morale”

  1. I’m more guilty of the first two. I’m afraid it’s affecting my relationship so much. Tried to stop but it’s fast becoming an overwhelming habit. Would thank you for this article but not until you write about how to overcome this bad habit.


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