Today’s birthdays

Antio Imoteh


I call this celebrant Bishop. Happy birthday
Ogeh Denye



This I know his passion for music, good, godly and Christian music. Friends call him “my choir master”.
This is one selfless and great youth I know. I call him the encourager. A man of peace with a great heart.

I wish you all the greatness and goodness that comes with this new year. Happy birthday today.


If you ever felt this pain that arose from loving,
Loving those who don’t deserve it or appreciate your worth
Remember, the best thing that happens to you is to be able to love
Be happy that you loved at all
That shows the place of God in you
Don’t worry if they never love you back
Because God will bring someone along who will love you even more
But make sure you are not blind to see who God is bringing your way
When your heart is broken, give God a chance to heal it
Remember, you should not give your heart to losers
And don’t throw your treasure to the swine.
Don’t give all your energy and love to wasters.

The Potential of Greatness

Every oak tree was a seedling
Every beautiful flower was a bud

Every great man was a child
Every beautiful child was a foetus
Every foetus was a sperm and an ovary

Every cotton designer clothe was a thread
Every thread was a plant

Every book was a thought
Every thought was an idea

Every gold jewel was an ore
Every ore was an accumulation of organic matter

Every furniture was a wood
Every wood was a tree in the forest

Every fire was a spark
Every spark was a strike

Every man has a potential
A potential for greatness
Greatness borne out of the tiniest spark
Your wildest imagination could be your greatest reality
And your greatest fear could be your biggest undoing
Every thought couldnโ€™t all be debris
For the potential for greatness is borne out of well aligned thoughts Read here

Dealing with Peer Pressure

Oh my God. Having peers is inevitable except you stop existing in this world. Peer pressure is an inevitable phenomenon. Pressure from peers could be positive or negative depending on what kind of peers you keep. I once thought that you can do without been under the influence of yourย  peers but now I know it can’t be totally eradicated because as humans, most times we like approval, we like praise and it’s normal but the influence by peers can also be minimal and positive.

I never knew there was something called social drinking until I heard a friend tell me he was a social drinker. When I asked him what he meant by that, he said he only drank in the company of friends. He went further to say that everyone had their point of peer pressure and that was his.
I woke this morning thinking of going to bed when the Lord dropped this topic in my heart and I trust the Giver of Life to meet you at the point of your need.

Having friends is a good thing because no man can be a n Island but what kind of friends do you keep and what hold do they have on you? My mum once told me something, she said never keep a click, never more than two close friends at same time. Dealing with Peer Pressure let’s start with;

1. Don’t keep a click. Many night mares started with a click, a group of friends known and talk about. You only need friends that you can share values and opinions together. But two blossom friends will do.

2. Have a standard, have principles. Don’t throw away what you have been taught at home. The best apples will come from home. The Bible says, “my son don’t let sinners entice you”.

3. Sometimes it can be hard keeping your stand in this perverse generation but realize that why people will make fun of you is that they want to be like you but can’t and they hate the fact that somebody is making them feel like bad people. The moment you become like them they won’t make you feel bad again and that’s because you are not a challenge to them anymore.


4. Don’t sell your virtues and values to maintain friendship. Any relationship you enter and the person’s aim is to change you is not a good one. If your friends always keep telling, I mean every time to change and pick up their way of life then they don’t mean well. Friends go a long way in determining what you become. Bad friends don’t appreciate your value nor do they bring out your strengths but pull you down by making you feel less. So judge, do you feel like you are good enough when you are around your friends or they always point out ways you are not good enough but never appreciate your strength? Some people never live to correct their errors and re-write the story.

5. Every young person must have a mentor or a discipler. Someone elderly or older who is correct and they talk to. Someone they can take their decision to for checking so they do that make mistakes. Talking to your peers alone can be misleading. A proverb says “what a child can’t see while standing, an elder will see it sitting”. The mistake many youths and teenagers have made is because they only consult their peers. Even as Christians, we should check what we think the Holy Spirit is telling us with an elder.

6. Lastly, build your values and decisions on God’s word. The world may laugh at you but if God be for who can be against you? Peer pressure must not be your driving force. God’s word, His love and your purpose should be.

Remember, nobody can make you become what you are not already on the inside.

Fashion is Part of It

One day when I was much younger, I dressed and was feeling good with myself. I went out to my business thinking I was looking good. Then one of my aunties in the church came and said, “Noka I like your dress”. I smiled and said thank you. Then she said, ” but you shouldn’t wear pattern on pattern except it’s the same clothes”. I didn’t realize what I was wearing until then. Funny enough my mum didn’t see me on my way out. She came around about then and saw it too and said why did you dress like this. I can’t ever remember wearing pattern on pattern but until then I didn’t think it made any difference as long as the colours blended. Well I felt embarrassed but not bad and I had to run home to change. Can you imagine how many people would have said doesn’t she have any dress sense?

Let’s go this way. Have you ever seen someone dress and you say wow! I love this. Now I’m not talking of awkward dressing you seen because some people’s sense of fashion and judgment can really be appalling. I’m talking of when you see great men and women, those you might want to call your idols. So how did they do it? Let’s share some hint of laws you should never flaut.

1. Pattern on pattern, stripped on stripped or pattern on stripped is zero. Never wear such combination. If you are wearing a suit, this is how it should go
Plain suit + patterned or stripped shirt + plan tie
Stripped suit + plain shirt + stripped tie
Plain suit + plan shirt + Patterned tie
And now you carry the look of great man



2. Never forget to wear a pair of socks under your trousers, on your shoes.

3. For men who wear native which is not in it true sense native, you should wear an ankle socks in your shoes on your feet. Except you are wearing an as-needed or the complete cultural attire and you don’t use a cover shoe on it, you wear a nice palm that blends perfectly in colour with what you really wearing.

4. When putting on shirt and trousers, the colour of your belt should be the same with the colour of your shoe. When it not going to be like either because you are flying a casual then your Polo, t-shirt covers your belt.

The women fashion is usually one you could talk on for hours but I will give a few hint here.
1. The first thing to note is your size, your figure and your hight. Never wear things that don’t flatter those.

2. A woman who is got both full front and back should avoid clinging outfit, it should be left for slim and skinny people who need the help of this to bring out their assets. A nice flowing or free gown helps accentuate your boldness and give it more grace.

3. Bandage skirt is another that really should be left to slim one. A pencil skirt or flair will do the magic for bold women.

4. On a legins wear a long top. It’s a poor fashion statement to wear a tank top, short top on a legins. It also would not portray you as a woman with charisma or greatness.

5. What best fit a peplon top is a nice pencil skirt or a pair of trousers that are not baggy also blending in colour.

6. Jewelries are a major part of dressing. You don’t wear a neck chain on every clothe. A high neck dress which is cooperate doesnโ€™t really need a neck chain or band. What could go with such dress is a long set of chain or bead work that is not lousy.

7. To be continued…

Don’t Throw in the Towel

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step but the problem is that along the way you get weary, tired and worn out and it looks like you are far from your goal.
Another adage says the night is darkest when it’s closest to dawn but how am I supposed to know that dawn is almost here. The sea is too big to throw in your towel because it might never come back to you.

Life is full of many ups and downs and a lot of discouragement that you don’t think you can go on or that you can push through. At such points even the external voices that geared you on can’t work you on to continue. It gets to a point you feel they don’t understand, they can’t understand. At that point it’s only your inner resolve that can forge you ahead. The resolve that I must end well, I must finish what I started, I can do all things, I’m a success not a failure, love can still find me and will. So as not to throw in the towel at such points, always remember:

There is nothing you are going through that someone has not passed through before it’s just that you haven’t met the person.

There is no situation that is bigger than you, you are made to be in charge. That situation is just taking time to fix.

You are not a product of chance. God knows about all you are going through but He can only step in when you ask Him to and if He is in charge of your life. There is no success outside God. “The battle is not to the strong nor race to the swift but it’s God that showeth mercy”.

You are tired because you are on long journey but you are closer than when you first began.

Never give up to the point that you give up your life because you want to end a suffering here but suicide is an open invitation to greater suffering in eternity.

If you are God’s child who loves Him then all things work together for your purpose.

Many a times people give up on the verge of success. Just maybe you are on the verge of success, of a breakthrough, of happiness, of a new and beautiful life; you have to hold through for this course.

Never throw in your towel…


Birthday Celebrants

Today I want to sing for you
Honey happy birthday
Many happy returns
Everybody will celebrate today
Today you are looking bright
All because of your shining day
Honey happy birthday
Many happy returns
Everybody go jam you today 🎆🎈🎶🎹

Jane Obasi: a food scientists and technologist



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