Dealing With BAD HABITS


Few days back we discussed some things we do that kill people’s morale. Some of these actions of ours are not intentional but have rather become a habit. We have done them before knowing and it seems even when we don’t won’t to we can’t help ourselves. Maybe while you were reading the previous articles you were saying I know this about myself already, what I want is the solution. I’m tired, but I can’t just stop doing it. So here are some ways to deal with Bad habits or weaknesses:

1. Knowing that there is a problem or an issue to deal with it is the first successful step. You are not far from your deliverance anymore. Some will say it’s not a problem but a challenge, doesn’t matter what name you call it, but knowing that something is wrong somewhere is the way forward.

2. Pray about everything, worry about nothing. Speak God’s word into your life. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. The old is passed away behold the new is come. Don’t believe the lies of the devil that you can’t change or that it’s normal.

3. Don’t blame anyone for your wrong attitude nor make excuses for it. What you did was wrong no matter what justification you have. Tell yourself you can always do it in a better way and achieve a good result. Admit your error.

4. Always weigh your words before you talk. Don’t just talk. Think through it, find better ways of passing across your message in your heart before you act on it. Don’t act on impulse. If you are pressed to speak in anger or rashly then pray and tell yourself to act wisely. You have to take charge of your emotions, that is what self control is about. Don’t let your emotions control you but you control the emotions. That is why you are not an animal. Don’t act when you are angry, actually do away with anger as much as possible.

5. If you err, apologize immediately. Don’t be held back by pride because that is what kills many blooming relationship. I’m a living witness of this truth. I could tell people sorry but to say sorry to my fiance was difficult but thank God for the person he is. He had to teach me and I learned from him how to apologize immediately I realize the other person is unhappy with my actions or words. If we were same thing then the relationship would have hit the rock a long time ago. Be humble enough to say “I’m sorry” and mean it.

6. Remember a thing you do constantly becomes a habit which forms into your character which defines your personality. My mum always says this adage, “a habit is easy to form but difficult to part with”. Unlearn the bad habits and learn the good habits today.

7. Tell yourself everyday that everybody deserves to be loved and respected. Also remember to do to others what you want them to do to you. What you won’t like to be done to you also know that nobody would like it too. Loving others and sacrificing self is the key to doing away with bad habits today but allowing yourself to be yoked to Jesus is the antidote to selfishness.

Step forward in victory today…
from bad habits


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