Don’t Throw in the Towel

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step but the problem is that along the way you get weary, tired and worn out and it looks like you are far from your goal.
Another adage says the night is darkest when it’s closest to dawn but how am I supposed to know that dawn is almost here. The sea is too big to throw in your towel because it might never come back to you.

Life is full of many ups and downs and a lot of discouragement that you don’t think you can go on or that you can push through. At such points even the external voices that geared you on can’t work you on to continue. It gets to a point you feel they don’t understand, they can’t understand. At that point it’s only your inner resolve that can forge you ahead. The resolve that I must end well, I must finish what I started, I can do all things, I’m a success not a failure, love can still find me and will. So as not to throw in the towel at such points, always remember:

There is nothing you are going through that someone has not passed through before it’s just that you haven’t met the person.

There is no situation that is bigger than you, you are made to be in charge. That situation is just taking time to fix.

You are not a product of chance. God knows about all you are going through but He can only step in when you ask Him to and if He is in charge of your life. There is no success outside God. “The battle is not to the strong nor race to the swift but it’s God that showeth mercy”.

You are tired because you are on long journey but you are closer than when you first began.

Never give up to the point that you give up your life because you want to end a suffering here but suicide is an open invitation to greater suffering in eternity.

If you are God’s child who loves Him then all things work together for your purpose.

Many a times people give up on the verge of success. Just maybe you are on the verge of success, of a breakthrough, of happiness, of a new and beautiful life; you have to hold through for this course.

Never throw in your towel…


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