Fashion is Part of It

One day when I was much younger, I dressed and was feeling good with myself. I went out to my business thinking I was looking good. Then one of my aunties in the church came and said, “Noka I like your dress”. I smiled and said thank you. Then she said, ” but you shouldn’t wear pattern on pattern except it’s the same clothes”. I didn’t realize what I was wearing until then. Funny enough my mum didn’t see me on my way out. She came around about then and saw it too and said why did you dress like this. I can’t ever remember wearing pattern on pattern but until then I didn’t think it made any difference as long as the colours blended. Well I felt embarrassed but not bad and I had to run home to change. Can you imagine how many people would have said doesn’t she have any dress sense?

Let’s go this way. Have you ever seen someone dress and you say wow! I love this. Now I’m not talking of awkward dressing you seen because some people’s sense of fashion and judgment can really be appalling. I’m talking of when you see great men and women, those you might want to call your idols. So how did they do it? Let’s share some hint of laws you should never flaut.

1. Pattern on pattern, stripped on stripped or pattern on stripped is zero. Never wear such combination. If you are wearing a suit, this is how it should go
Plain suit + patterned or stripped shirt + plan tie
Stripped suit + plain shirt + stripped tie
Plain suit + plan shirt + Patterned tie
And now you carry the look of great man



2. Never forget to wear a pair of socks under your trousers, on your shoes.

3. For men who wear native which is not in it true sense native, you should wear an ankle socks in your shoes on your feet. Except you are wearing an as-needed or the complete cultural attire and you don’t use a cover shoe on it, you wear a nice palm that blends perfectly in colour with what you really wearing.

4. When putting on shirt and trousers, the colour of your belt should be the same with the colour of your shoe. When it not going to be like either because you are flying a casual then your Polo, t-shirt covers your belt.

The women fashion is usually one you could talk on for hours but I will give a few hint here.
1. The first thing to note is your size, your figure and your hight. Never wear things that don’t flatter those.

2. A woman who is got both full front and back should avoid clinging outfit, it should be left for slim and skinny people who need the help of this to bring out their assets. A nice flowing or free gown helps accentuate your boldness and give it more grace.

3. Bandage skirt is another that really should be left to slim one. A pencil skirt or flair will do the magic for bold women.

4. On a legins wear a long top. It’s a poor fashion statement to wear a tank top, short top on a legins. It also would not portray you as a woman with charisma or greatness.

5. What best fit a peplon top is a nice pencil skirt or a pair of trousers that are not baggy also blending in colour.

6. Jewelries are a major part of dressing. You don’t wear a neck chain on every clothe. A high neck dress which is cooperate doesn’t really need a neck chain or band. What could go with such dress is a long set of chain or bead work that is not lousy.

7. To be continued…

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