Dealing with Peer Pressure

Oh my God. Having peers is inevitable except you stop existing in this world. Peer pressure is an inevitable phenomenon. Pressure from peers could be positive or negative depending on what kind of peers you keep. I once thought that you can do without been under the influence of your  peers but now I know it can’t be totally eradicated because as humans, most times we like approval, we like praise and it’s normal but the influence by peers can also be minimal and positive.

I never knew there was something called social drinking until I heard a friend tell me he was a social drinker. When I asked him what he meant by that, he said he only drank in the company of friends. He went further to say that everyone had their point of peer pressure and that was his.
I woke this morning thinking of going to bed when the Lord dropped this topic in my heart and I trust the Giver of Life to meet you at the point of your need.

Having friends is a good thing because no man can be a n Island but what kind of friends do you keep and what hold do they have on you? My mum once told me something, she said never keep a click, never more than two close friends at same time. Dealing with Peer Pressure let’s start with;

1. Don’t keep a click. Many night mares started with a click, a group of friends known and talk about. You only need friends that you can share values and opinions together. But two blossom friends will do.

2. Have a standard, have principles. Don’t throw away what you have been taught at home. The best apples will come from home. The Bible says, “my son don’t let sinners entice you”.

3. Sometimes it can be hard keeping your stand in this perverse generation but realize that why people will make fun of you is that they want to be like you but can’t and they hate the fact that somebody is making them feel like bad people. The moment you become like them they won’t make you feel bad again and that’s because you are not a challenge to them anymore.


4. Don’t sell your virtues and values to maintain friendship. Any relationship you enter and the person’s aim is to change you is not a good one. If your friends always keep telling, I mean every time to change and pick up their way of life then they don’t mean well. Friends go a long way in determining what you become. Bad friends don’t appreciate your value nor do they bring out your strengths but pull you down by making you feel less. So judge, do you feel like you are good enough when you are around your friends or they always point out ways you are not good enough but never appreciate your strength? Some people never live to correct their errors and re-write the story.

5. Every young person must have a mentor or a discipler. Someone elderly or older who is correct and they talk to. Someone they can take their decision to for checking so they do that make mistakes. Talking to your peers alone can be misleading. A proverb says “what a child can’t see while standing, an elder will see it sitting”. The mistake many youths and teenagers have made is because they only consult their peers. Even as Christians, we should check what we think the Holy Spirit is telling us with an elder.

6. Lastly, build your values and decisions on God’s word. The world may laugh at you but if God be for who can be against you? Peer pressure must not be your driving force. God’s word, His love and your purpose should be.

Remember, nobody can make you become what you are not already on the inside.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with Peer Pressure”

  1. I believe you can have more than two friends. The problem is it is difficult to find genuine people who will allow you to be yourself and who you accept as well. When you do find these people you cherish them. Standards are important.


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