A Career Guide for Nigerian Students; Great Achievers.

I write this because of an increasing challenge I see in our secondary schools of which many of Nigerian graduates are a victim of. The school system, especially the private secondary school have made the matter more cumbersome. Dividing the senior classes into science, art and commercial and not allowing any form of a bridge is causing serious problems. A science student is not allowed to take any course from art or commercial such as history or lit-in-english, etc. Its even worse when economics and geograpghy is left out of their programme. The height of this problem is not giving any career guide even after separating the classes, no proper orientation of available courses in the universities, where they can work and the professional requirements for such courses. Ask a girl in science class, ‘what do you want to study?’ and her answer will be medicine and ask a boy the same question and his answer will be engineering. Very few of them know of many other courses in the university and their implication for the world.
The second reason for writing this article is because of the overlap of courses in Nigeria leading to discrimination in the system leaving a whole lot of folks feeling bad. It’s very sweet in the mouth to say I’m studying microbiology when you are in school and still ignorant about the happenings outside the four wall of the school. The truth is many microbiologists want to venture into the health sector but don’t know they are not qualified any time soon to work in the lab. Not because they can’t but because the system said they can’t. So if you are just about to go for a course and you are planning to work in the hospital environment in Nigeria, instead of microbiology opt for a medical lab science. We have great courses studied in our university but which are not being harnessed in the country but we are hoping things will turn around for the better.


This article is going to be in series and we are going to start with a list of several undergraduate courses. Here we go:
Medical Courses
Medicine & surgery
Medical Lab Science

Other Science Courses
Cell Biology and Genetics
Botany/Plant Biology
Industrial Microbiology
Food Science and Technology
Food and Nutrition
Geography and Regional Planning
Quantity Survey
Architectural science
Computer Science
Pure Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Extension
Crop and Animal Science
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Hospitality management and Tourism
Biomedical Engineering(not common as undergraduate course)

Art Courses
English & Litrary studies
Linguistics and other languages
International Relations and Diplomacy
Fine art
Theatre art
Mass Communication

Social Science Courses
Business Administration
Public Relations

NB: the courses listed are not based on faculties but general grouping. For more courses, check the Jamb brochure.

The Song Of That Sluggard


Look there are no opportunities anywhere
Every man is minding his business
And only if you know someone that knows someone
Its not about hardwork
Its about connection
The first class graduates roam the street
So why bother myself with hard study

In this age its only God
Forget everything else
Business is way forward
Even at that there are no faithful people
They will rob you of your hard earned money
So politics is the option
Where we can take our own share
Of the national cake
For opportunity comes but once.

I have a dream and a dream and a dream
But I’m waiting for someone to buy into my idea
You see, nobody is thinking and they won’t appreciate those who are
Finally it all ends in a dream.

Give it a title


I dont wear the most expensive of jewelries
I dont have the best of dresses
I dont visit the most exotic places
I dont Sing with the sweetest of voices


I do have the gentlest heart
I do have the strongest art
I do dream for the heighest height
I do hope for the smoothest start


I look up to my creator
I see my future
I walk into the open door
I pick up my mantle of grandeur

So this is how it works, pick a title and write it in the comment box. At the blend of the day, the best title will be used and the article will be tagged as written by you. Good luck

Teenagers, its TIME again!!!


Every year, The New Covenant Baptist Church, Akute hosts teenagers from different denominations across the country for a great time of study of the word, grooming, discussion about questions and issues that has plagued your mind and physical exercise. People who have gone ahead and have achieved in their various field and profession.
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Don’t relent in any way
Be straight and focused along the way.
Don’t give listening ear to the rubbish people say
Just keep your ears above their bay.
But, if you think you have missed your way
To ask a man you always may!
Use your tools to enrich your pay!
Make gold pots from earthen clay!
Engrave your name on ceramic tray!
By working hard all through the day.
But if you think of a wayward way;
My child, I fear you’re lost -astray!
Take these words for not a bray;
Let them sink in your heart till grey.
As much as you can please pray;
Before you put your wants to play.
Are you thinking of a way to repay?
Tell my words to your kids, I’d say!

By Adesunloye Samuel

Hannah Conference


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The Hero in You

Because you aren’t MJ doesn’t mean the earth can’t slide under your feet.
Because you are not Serena doesn’t mean you can’t win medals.
Because you are not Ted Dekker doesn’t mean you can’t be more creative.
Because you are not Leonard Decaprio doesn’t mean you don’t have the looks.
Because your are not TD Jakes doesn’t mean you can’t heal nations.
Because you are not Bill Gates doesn’t mean you can’t lend to nations.
Because you are not Messi doesn’t mean you don’t have talent.
Because you are not George Washington doesn’t mean you can’t make an excellent leader.
Because you are not Chinu Achebe doesn’t mean Africa can’t recognize you as it’s own.
Because you are you, the Hero is waiting to be birthed and celebrated.