Am I being too Emotional

Maybe I don’t know the meaning of emotional or maybe the way I see it is different from the way you see it. When I look at the sky in the early hours of the morning and I can’t help gazing at its beauty then I tap those around me to look up but then they don’t see anything. When I walk past trees and see its beautiful budding flowers, I can’t help but take several other glance but every other person walk by and don’t give a heck. When I listen to some songs am so into the song that I can cry but someone else says change that song.
The other side is when people behave in some ways that is almost natural to them, I find myself making deductions and bringing conclusion to what I believe is the obvious but then others say why would I think like that? When I receive silence from a person for a long time I suddenly feel I’m not wanted and I want to keep my distance so as not to feel rejected but when the person realizes he ask why I would reason like that. Why I can’t face people is because I think they feel I have nothing to offer and when I’m forced to I think less of myself but some people tell me I’m awesome but then I feel it’s flattery, but they are dazed I feel like that. I have few friends because I think I matter to those ones and want to maintain my territory but others want to be my friends and they can’t understand why I am aloof.

When I think of this I wonder if I’m suffering from some self esteem complex or I am just being emotional. Do you see yourself in this picture or do you see anyone you know? Then I believe help is needed. What do you think, Self esteem complex or emotional?

7 thoughts on “Am I being too Emotional”

  1. Well I feel it’s a combination of both. Having a deeper insight for everything around that s seen as normal is a gift but then wanting to maintain one’ s territory is fear of going out of your comfort zone.l😄


  2. Such a one lacks right self esteem. The best way to find a right self esteem is in God’s background and knowledge can give good self esteem but God’s word gives right self esteem oe evaluations


  3. Thanks Oj for the Nice write up. It affects many of us day-in, day-out. For me, I think it is an issue of complex rather than emotionality. We should learn never to allow people define our person by their acceptance/rejection. We should however know when relationships are to be withdrawn from- when someone obviously does not want you in his/her life. That does not reduce your person one bit. What some despises will be celebrated by another. Balance and understanding is the watchword for me.


  4. i do most times feel that , i have tried to understand myself, so that am not rediculed, hence i know how to behave myself with others.


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