To live is to love


Hearing that one has a terminal disease is one painful thing that I almost want to believe that the sadness kills faster than the disease itself. But one thing I know is that many people are already dead while breathing, even without a terminal illness. A heart unable to love is a heart unable to live and a heart unable to live is a heart all dead. Love is multifaceted, and that’s the only concept that hasn’t been very understood in all ages.

Love brings out the best in you
Love gives you a reason to want to see the next day
Love makes your heart bubble with joy
Love takes away bitterness
Loves kills the angry spirit within
Love makes you look younger
Love helps you up when you fall
Love puts food on your table
Love helps you accomplishes your dreams
Love makes you a selfless and better person
Love makes you live.

Discard hate, choose love, choose life

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