11:30 PM, 30 minutes to cross over into the new year. A year full of great expectations, so much hope, so many dreams, so many restitution. Nkem’s mind traveled to the lands of possibilities and map of accomplishment the moment she looked at the wall clock in the 700 capacity auditorium of The New Covenant Baptist Church located at Akute. Pastor Philip has mounted the pulpit since 11pm and all Nkem’s heart was waiting to hear was him saying “we have crossed over into the new year, celebrate and congratulate your brother for making it into the new year”. The outgoing one wasn’t so much of a success, she couldn’t afford to call it a total failure even though she wished she could but that would be negative thinking she told herself. By the time we cross over the Pastor will tell us the message and promises God gave him for us or rather me this year. Let me speak for myself.

Simon, you are a badoo, skilled in all your tricks. You are such genius, no girl can ever peep into your house and you will not scatter. His friends were praising him as they five of them sat at bar in Victoria Island popularly called VI which was their usual hanging spots at such time of the year celebrating their conquest for the cross over. Simon, you ended the year well, Tade said to him. Being able to get that girl into your bed is the highlight of the year. Men, being able to convince a 22 year old virgin is no joke but Simon did it. Let’s toast to it. Bar man, Wale called out, give us any drink in the range of 250 to 300 hundred thousand Naira, we’ve got to pop some wine. What Simon didn’t tell his friends was that he turned a rapist to win that conquest. What he didn’t tell his friends, was that the girl was currently in the hospital and it was likely police would soon be on his backs.

It was 11:59, Nkem’s heart was exceptionally heavy and full of anticipation she couldn’t explain. She got wondering if it was because of the eagerness to get out of this year or it was something else but she tried to find peace. Lord if it’s because I haven’t being paying much attention to Pastor’s prayers forgive me and intercede for me. Congratulations, we have crossed over, praise the Lord, celebrate him in the beauty of His Holiness, the Lord is faithful, He is the ultimate good, ever loving, all giving and forgiving, she seemed to hear the pastor’s voice from a faraway land. Congratulations, Mr Nelson, the church secretary took her hand and went by to others bringing her back to the land of reality. She instinctively looked at the time, 12:05am. The time she had monitored for a long time and just less than a minute to her mark she was distracted, God hope this is not what is going to happen this year to me, I can’t stand another distressing, unfulfilled year. Then she remembered greet someone and she started her journey of happy new year round the over packed auditorium…

Nkem woke up by 6am, the time her body was already accustomed to. This year is a year of forgiveness, the sermon pastor Philip gave for the year’s theme greeted her as she woke. I don’t have anyone I haven’t forgiven that I know of. When I have time I will take a walk back and forgive all… then her phone rang. Happy New Year wishes from everyone, they won’t allow me wake up.


Yes, it’s Tosin, Mercy’s friend

Tosin, how are you?

I’m fine.

Happy new year, dear

Same to you

I’m calling you because of your sister, Mercy. She is on admission in the hospital.

What happened to her? She asked a little distressed, since Mercy just finished her training as a physiotherapist and she is doing her internship, she would understand her body better. Then she noticed Tosin was hesitant on the other side of the phone and then she really started panicking.

What happened to her? She was raped by someone who was supposed to be a friend and colleague.

When did this happen? Yesterday evening around 6pm. I went out to buy groceries for cooking and by the time I was back by 7:15pm she was on the floor battered and kind of unconscious.

Is she in the hospital where she is doing her internship? Yes. We got here last night. And since then I have been trying to reach you but your number was not reachable.

Has she woken up now? As all she ask amid the thoughts rushing into her. Was that why God sent a message on forgiveness? Why did He let it happen? So He can test my obedience on forgiveness? After I had looked forward to this year and then on the first day this is what greets me good morning. She didn’t even hear the response of Tosin to her question that she had woken earlier but had been put back to sleep by the doctor after giving them the information they required of her and had started treatment on her neither was she aware that Tosin had gone off after shouting so many hellos into her phone.

Its Another Birthday

Pastor Abel Abikiaje



Pastor Nath Dare


A big hearty, happy birthday wish to my music pastors.
Pst Abel is a music producer, a music artiste with such passion for music and worship.
Pastor Nath is music himself. Loves music and worship as well
Pst Abel in collaboration with The New Covenant Baptist Church, Akute and the Oyo people will be hosting a bi-annual community worship program from the 29-30th of August. The theme is “Oyo state: a beautiful land.

And for those in Port Harcourt and its environs,here is one by Pst Nath


Johnnie and Femi, brothers from same parents were not contented with the kind of life their father, Johnson had offered them from childhood and had always thought of being better than their father. Their father was given to drinking even though he wasn’t usually drunk. Johnson had worked for the same company ever since Johnnie and Femi knew to call him father. And he hadn’t not being elevated much for the past 18 years.

Femi! Femi! Johnson was calling from his sofa in the sitting room. Femi, go and give your father his bottle of “Drum” or which is his latest? Origin, Johnnie told Femi with a teasing laughter. Sir, he came out to stand in front of his dad. Get me two cans of origin from the refrigerator. Daddy, the refrigerator was closer to you than to me who was in the room trying to study, moreover you have just taking to bottles of beer about an hour ago. He said as he gathered all boldness to say. Johnson tried hard not to unleash his anger in his always venomous long speech. Today he was going to try as much as possible to make it short and get done with his soothing relief, ORIGIN. He didn’t have to look him straight in the eye for Johnson had always thought that a waste of time. If you were going to amount to something, Johnson started like he was mincing his word; you would have passed Jamb since? You have written Jamb thrice and where did it end you, one of the rooms in my house which I am hoping to turn to a store soon. You can’t get admission and you still can’t obey simple instruction. Oh! Now I understand. You can’t gain admission because you can’t obey simple instruction and that you got from your mother. All you would remain and I think you should know that by now is an attendant boy in that useless bar you work in. when I was in secondary school, I always came first and if not because my father died, you think I will be where I am today. That was why I didn’t waste my money paying for your first Jamb because I can’t waste money on an empty head…

That was Johnnie being faced with his own discouragement factor, and many people are. It could be class mates, friends, siblings, teacher or neighbours who laugh and mock your dreams. The reason they laugh is because they can’t dream far and so they see your dream as unrealistic. I remember a course I had in school, Organic chemistry which a lot number of people did badly in the C.A I did well. When it was time for the exams I said to my roommates that I was going to have an A. one of them which did badly and assumed that all of us taking that course in the room did worse than her said to me, “are you going to steal the marks”, and laughed at me. Needless to say that when results were out, I got what I wanted and she carried the course over. Don’t expect everyone to accept your dreams and aspirations but make sure to pursue them with all dogged determination and right counsel from people who have gone ahead and have greater insight. Remember not to share your thoughts and dreams with everyone and anyone, talk to those who can help you achieve it and not try to kill it like Joseph’s brothers. Let God’s word be your guiding principles and not what people say or do and not what is obtainable in a corrupt society. Carve out a niche for yourself by doing something better. Remember also not to keep your dreams inside, tell someone who can guide you properly. In the multide of counsels there is wisdom.

My brother once said, “If your dream don’t scare you, you haven’t dreamt big enough”

My Special Birthday piece: The First Greatest Man on Earth

Mama Seba congratulations oh, you have another bouncing baby boy. He is such a cutie. That was the sound of various visitors that early morning in Cush’s house as they came to greet the new baby. His older brothers surrounded his bed side and all visitors found the baby very cute. The midwife looked at the baby and said, this baby is beautiful but smaller in size than other babies you have had. Mama Seba looked with smiles, thank God for the delivery in the first place because this is the most difficult delivery I have ever had. From the way he was behaving in the womb I thought this would be the biggest baby I would ever have.

Cush was outside with some of his friends sitting in the foyer welcoming visitors and not thinking about going to farm and his two grandsons Sheba and Dedan, sons of Raamah playing not too far from him. Congratulations my in-law, Gomer a close relative of his wife said to him as he came near. Thank you but you know this is not the first time I am going this way. Thank Yahweh I have an additional hand to help in my farm work. I hope he is as strong as his brother. In between him and his brothers are three girls, I just hope he doesn’t get to think like women coupled with the fact that he is tiny.

Inside the women asked Mama Seba what the baby’s name was. Nimrod she said as she looked upon her tender gift with such tenderness that could melt an iron back to its ore. The name soothes him well and it’s not a very popular name in our community. Her sister-in-law looked quite shocked, why that name, she asked? Because of all the trouble he gave me in the womb, seems to be that he is going to be more of a rebel. Who knows he might revolt against God for all the trouble he has brought upon us. She said the last statement with a sigh and her eyes staring into some distant land. You know, my husband’s field hasn’t produced much in this year and now that this one is coming he might break the jinx…

Nimrod! Nimrod! Nimrod! Cush shouted from the door way. Yes father. What are you doing inside wasting my time, you don’t like going with me to the field. Nimrod came out just then dressed for farm work, we can go now. With hoe and cutlass tied to the back of the donkey and the brothers waiting ahead, Nimrod and his father mounted their donkeys and started out in silence. Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sebteca started a story about a beautiful damsel they met the previous day and the bet they had on who would get to her first and win her heart. Seba and Raamah can’t join us in this expedition since they are married and Seba is the good husband taking care of his wife who chooses to take ill on this fateful day when he should be out finding a beautiful damsel to grace his bed in this period of his wife’s illness.

Nimrod irritated at the conversation brought up what has been on his mind for a while now. Father, you know I do better at hunting so why don’t you let me concentrate on hunting while you and my older brothers face the tilling of the ground. By this we can have two great occupations, who knows, I can become so blest in the field. That’s a great one Nimrod, Raamah who had been pre-informed said and I admire your great sense of thinking. You are old enough to make your own decisions, Cush replied. Do what you know is right. Moreover you keep sneaking away on me in the farm to do your hunting. It’s just that I thought an additional son would be more useful to me on the farm. Oh, father, Nimrod said with a twisted emotional voice, don’t talk like that. Isn’t hunting farming too? It’s Just expanding our horizon. We could make more from hunting since we don’t have skilled hunters these days. There are already too many farmers. Meeting a need is the way to success, niche for yourself stands you out. From tomorrow I will go out into the hunting business full time and I would be spending more time in the field. I’m sure by now you know better than to worry about me. I need your blessings father. As for marketing my kills, that won’t be a problem at all since I already have a way with people. You might call me a people’s man. This he said with so much confidence and smiles across his face.

And Nimrod grew mighty and powerful, becoming the greatest hunter on the surface of the earth. He became so mighty that he built eight great cities including famous Nineveh.

Story based on Gen 10:7-12

IMG_20150809_145354[1] My Family and I.

August 22 Treasures

Mrs Tina Ayeni


Daddy Rufus Olajide


Daddy holds me and say “meet my birthday mate” ever since i was small till now that I’m grown into a woman now (Lol) and you can be sure even He is a grand dad now.

Majekodunmi (aka Majek)


Me, Zekeri Ojonoka (aka xplicitmind, priceless jewel)


Today is my Special day and also special day for my birthday mates. Congratulations to all.

How is meshed potatoes similar the Havoc Caused by Schools?

We started the career series here a few weeks back and we have tried to give a surface description of what is required for some science and medical courses here. Today we go to the social sciences and the arts. one thing i think about the social sciences and arts is that its more about creativity than memorizing laws. some of the social science courses (e.g economics, sociology, accounting, business administration) are referred to as management courses and being well informed would keep keep you on top of your game.

Economics, Sociology, Business Administration

Entry requirements: mathematics, english, government, commerce, any other relevant subject. Fpr Economics and Sociology, some schools require maths and english compulsorily and any other three credits.

Career opportunities: management positions, policy makers, etc

Professional certifications: depending on the field one finds himself, there are several professional certifications programs that keeps one relevant e.g Project Management professional (PMP)


Entry requirement: Mathematics, English, Accounting, Government, Commerce

Career opportunities: accounting officer in any organization, auditor, work in financial institutions, etc

Professional certifications: ICCA, ICAN, other certifications available depending on the sector you are located. An accountant this days most relevant chartered.

Public Relations, Psychology

Mathematics, English, Literature-in-English, History, Government, CRK, Commerce are the relevant requirements for entry.

Career opportunities: involve direct and indirect interpersonal relations with people. Good and strong communication skill is required as well as good interpersonal relationship with people. These people are very essential for the smooth running of an organisation. Psychologist are also needed for the behavioral analysis and description of people.


All art courses listed earlier Read here require almost the same subjects. Variation is subject to schools choice. While schools may require a pass in mathematics some others require a credit  pass. on a general note, mathematics, english, Lit-in-English, History, CRK, Government are some of the required courses.

Career opportunities: there are several career opportunities. From a broadcaster, International Relations officer, Linguists…to a diplomat. There are many available options so every should not run to law.

As for Lawyers, career opportunities is dependent on the area one ventures into. Criminal law, Oil and Gas law, Property law, Family law, International law, Islamic law, etc.

Professional certifications: of course, there are available certification courses in broadcast, Project management, Literary studies, Movie and music production, and all these are what really keep one relevant with the degree certificate.

Schools have kept mute on this subject for a long time and expected every child to find his/her way, what they forget is that when potatoes have become meshed it can’t be made whole again, we can only try for that is what the neglect of your responsibility has caused. So I can only try to help those who are at their tail ends but for the upcoming generation share these words to them that they may be enlightened.

For questions and comments and off course further contribution and ideas, hit the “leave a reply button” and we will answer all your questions and acknowledge your contributions or send a message on BBM 55E32A40

My Word of Hope

I know the master of the storm
I know the maker of the rain
He can calm the storm
And make the sun shine again
I know the master of the storm

Every day is not the same even they have something in common, “day”. Every day holds out its own surprise package. While some days give you a Cinderella dress, another will hand you a musketeer’s sword but you must take it anyway. In all these days, the sun still shines and the night comes and for that you might be grateful and wish that all roses are red.
No matter what today holds out to you, I want you to face it with all courage knowing that you are not alone, Jesus is in charge of the sun and the rain and He sure holds you like his priced diamond.
Carry wisdom with you all the way not graftiness. Hold out kindness to others and keep wisdom treasured in your heart.

514 Entertainment Press Releases Album Cover and Track Listing



514 ENTERTAINMENT is all set for the release of the much anticipated ”The Spotlight” by it’s popular collective Timeless Tongz, and pursuant to this releases the Cover and Tracklist of the album.. It is to be remembered that the Crew had released two EP’s in anticipation of the project, Prelude To The Spotlight V1&2 to wide chart topping acclamation. 514 ENTERTAINMENT has categorically stated that ”The Spotlight” will be made available for digital downloads on the 22nd of August, 2015.. Here are the Track Lists and Production Credits..



01. Overdose (Ft. Hyness, 2nz, Aw’Bee, Jay’ Major) Produced by Jedi Knight

02. Temper (Ft. St. Solomons, Aw’Bee, Jay’ Major) Produced by Jedi Knight

03. Old Roger (Ft. Steezzy, Sheddy, Chenz) Produced by Steezzy

04. Back To Life (Ft. Sandra, Jay’ Major, Chenz, Aw’Bee) Produced by Jedi Knight

05. Immortal (Ft. Prince, Centurion, Steezzy, Willz) Produced by Jedi Knight

06. Light It Up (Ft. Jay’ Major, D-Cube, Chenz, Jedi Knight) Produced by Jedi Knight

07. Commercial (Ft. Prince, Jay’ Major, 2nz, Steezzy) Produced by Jedi Knight

08. Appetizer (Ft. Hyness, Jay’ Major, 2nz, Chenz) Produced by Jedi Knight

09. #R3 /Ray’s, Radiation’s & Reflection’s/ (Ft. Aw’Bee, Jay’ Major) Produced by Steezzy

10. The Movement (Ft. Jay’ Major, Chenz, Aw’Bee) Produced by Jedi Knight

11. Champions [[BONUS TRACK] (Ft. Majek, Centurion, 2nz)

SOCIAL MEDIA: @TimelessTongz @JayMajor514 @AwbeeOfficial @Chenz514 @iam77music

Executively Produced By: Abah ”Jedi” John, Yakubu ”Chenz” Peter, Zekeri ”Jay’ Major” Joshua

Coordinating Producer: Abdullahi ”Aw’Bee” Shedrach, Zekeri ”Jay’ Major” Joshua

I promise to be the first to give you the links when it lands, yes its a promise.

A Career guide cont’d

We started the talk on the choice of course and we gave a list of available courses in our universityRead here. Today we are going to talk on the entry requirements the professional requirement to build a successful career, abd the career opportunity. As a microbiologist, I would like to start from there and group some courses which fall almost into the same category.

Entry requirement for microbiology, biochemistry, zoology, botany, chemistry:

Job opportunities for microbiology, biochemistry, in Nigeria:
Manufacturing industry much as an analyst or quality control
Pharmaceutical companies much as analyst and sales rep.
Health care facilities such as those offer community services.
Botanist and zoologist can work in agricultural set ups especially when supported with a post graduate degree.
NB: that additional degrees and professional certifications are needed to make you relevant in these sectors.

Entry requirements for Anatomy, Physiology:
Same as above
Job opportunities:
Teaching and research in the universities
Anatomist can also work in the morgue
Research institutes

Entry Requirments for Medical courses:
Same as above

Job opportunities:
Hospitals and other health care facilities
NB: medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapist, medical lab scientist have professional bodies which keeps them relevant in practice and without a licence which is subject to renewal, they can’t practise.

Mathematics, statistics, computer science:
Entry requirements:
Further Mathematics

Job Opportunities:
Statistics is needed in every aspect of life even in the medical field in this age.  Combined with professional certification, you are sort after.
Data analyst, Businesses analyst,  Bankers, work with financial sectors and government      
NB: there are professional certification courses to make you relevant.

Entry requirement for food science abd technology, human nutrition:
Biology/Agric. Sci/Food & Nutrition*

Career opportunities:
Hospital environment for patients who need nutritional guide
Hotels and eatries
Government establishment where a nutritionists is needed
Food industry       
You can be your own boss.

Entry requirments for Agricultural courses: Read here
Biology/Agricultural science

Career opportunity:
Agricultural sector and parastarters
Agricultural agencies
Airport in the quarantine section
Beautification of a community
Be your own boss.
Fisheries, etc            

Entry requirement for Geology, geography, estate management
Geography/Economics/Further mathematics*

Career opportunity:
As geologist, workin oil and gas sector, research institute, environment control and mineral resource agencies.
As a geographer, work as a regional and town planner, draw the map and locations for governenment, industries, google, and persons, work in a mineral resource agencies, customs.
As estate manager, work hand in hand with government in planning a city, get involved in setting up estates, manage properties, be your own boss.

Professional qualification: there are several professional certification courses that makes you more relevant.

NB: * some entry requirements are specific for different schools.
………………….to be continued.

For more information drop your comments or send me a direct mail on