A Career guide cont’d

We started the talk on the choice of course and we gave a list of available courses in our universityRead here. Today we are going to talk on the entry requirements the professional requirement to build a successful career, abd the career opportunity. As a microbiologist, I would like to start from there and group some courses which fall almost into the same category.

Entry requirement for microbiology, biochemistry, zoology, botany, chemistry:

Job opportunities for microbiology, biochemistry, in Nigeria:
Manufacturing industry much as an analyst or quality control
Pharmaceutical companies much as analyst and sales rep.
Health care facilities such as those offer community services.
Botanist and zoologist can work in agricultural set ups especially when supported with a post graduate degree.
NB: that additional degrees and professional certifications are needed to make you relevant in these sectors.

Entry requirements for Anatomy, Physiology:
Same as above
Job opportunities:
Teaching and research in the universities
Anatomist can also work in the morgue
Research institutes

Entry Requirments for Medical courses:
Same as above

Job opportunities:
Hospitals and other health care facilities
NB: medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapist, medical lab scientist have professional bodies which keeps them relevant in practice and without a licence which is subject to renewal, they can’t practise.

Mathematics, statistics, computer science:
Entry requirements:
Further Mathematics

Job Opportunities:
Statistics is needed in every aspect of life even in the medical field in this age.  Combined with professional certification, you are sort after.
Data analyst, Businesses analyst,  Bankers, work with financial sectors and government      
NB: there are professional certification courses to make you relevant.

Entry requirement for food science abd technology, human nutrition:
Biology/Agric. Sci/Food & Nutrition*

Career opportunities:
Hospital environment for patients who need nutritional guide
Hotels and eatries
Government establishment where a nutritionists is needed
Food industry       
You can be your own boss.

Entry requirments for Agricultural courses: Read here
Biology/Agricultural science

Career opportunity:
Agricultural sector and parastarters
Agricultural agencies
Airport in the quarantine section
Beautification of a community
Be your own boss.
Fisheries, etc            

Entry requirement for Geology, geography, estate management
Geography/Economics/Further mathematics*

Career opportunity:
As geologist, workin oil and gas sector, research institute, environment control and mineral resource agencies.
As a geographer, work as a regional and town planner, draw the map and locations for governenment, industries, google, and persons, work in a mineral resource agencies, customs.
As estate manager, work hand in hand with government in planning a city, get involved in setting up estates, manage properties, be your own boss.

Professional qualification: there are several professional certification courses that makes you more relevant.

NB: * some entry requirements are specific for different schools.
………………….to be continued.

For more information drop your comments or send me a direct mail on zojonoka@gmail.com

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