How is meshed potatoes similar the Havoc Caused by Schools?

We started the career series here a few weeks back and we have tried to give a surface description of what is required for some science and medical courses here. Today we go to the social sciences and the arts. one thing i think about the social sciences and arts is that its more about creativity than memorizing laws. some of the social science courses (e.g economics, sociology, accounting, business administration) are referred to as management courses and being well informed would keep keep you on top of your game.

Economics, Sociology, Business Administration

Entry requirements: mathematics, english, government, commerce, any other relevant subject. Fpr Economics and Sociology, some schools require maths and english compulsorily and any other three credits.

Career opportunities: management positions, policy makers, etc

Professional certifications: depending on the field one finds himself, there are several professional certifications programs that keeps one relevant e.g Project Management professional (PMP)


Entry requirement: Mathematics, English, Accounting, Government, Commerce

Career opportunities: accounting officer in any organization, auditor, work in financial institutions, etc

Professional certifications: ICCA, ICAN, other certifications available depending on the sector you are located. An accountant this days most relevant chartered.

Public Relations, Psychology

Mathematics, English, Literature-in-English, History, Government, CRK, Commerce are the relevant requirements for entry.

Career opportunities: involve direct and indirect interpersonal relations with people. Good and strong communication skill is required as well as good interpersonal relationship with people. These people are very essential for the smooth running of an organisation. Psychologist are also needed for the behavioral analysis and description of people.


All art courses listed earlier Read here require almost the same subjects. Variation is subject to schools choice. While schools may require a pass in mathematics some others require a credit  pass. on a general note, mathematics, english, Lit-in-English, History, CRK, Government are some of the required courses.

Career opportunities: there are several career opportunities. From a broadcaster, International Relations officer, Linguists…to a diplomat. There are many available options so every should not run to law.

As for Lawyers, career opportunities is dependent on the area one ventures into. Criminal law, Oil and Gas law, Property law, Family law, International law, Islamic law, etc.

Professional certifications: of course, there are available certification courses in broadcast, Project management, Literary studies, Movie and music production, and all these are what really keep one relevant with the degree certificate.

Schools have kept mute on this subject for a long time and expected every child to find his/her way, what they forget is that when potatoes have become meshed it can’t be made whole again, we can only try for that is what the neglect of your responsibility has caused. So I can only try to help those who are at their tail ends but for the upcoming generation share these words to them that they may be enlightened.

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5 thoughts on “How is meshed potatoes similar the Havoc Caused by Schools?”

  1. Meshed potatoes is a nutritional food meant for young starters. Its similar to how God nurtures his children by loading them with daily benefits. There are specified criteria before you can eat from the”meshed potatoes”. Repentance, baptism by immersion,must be spirit filled and most attend a living church for growth. As such, you eat the potatoes which are new every morning because great his the faithfulness.


  2. It turned out that when the Revolution and its successors starved or were otherwise culinarily discomfited, scientists were needed after all—and so was the potato, which the revolutionary authorities planted in the Tuileries gardens in 1795, in the face of yet another terrible famine.


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