My Special Birthday piece: The First Greatest Man on Earth

Mama Seba congratulations oh, you have another bouncing baby boy. He is such a cutie. That was the sound of various visitors that early morning in Cush’s house as they came to greet the new baby. His older brothers surrounded his bed side and all visitors found the baby very cute. The midwife looked at the baby and said, this baby is beautiful but smaller in size than other babies you have had. Mama Seba looked with smiles, thank God for the delivery in the first place because this is the most difficult delivery I have ever had. From the way he was behaving in the womb I thought this would be the biggest baby I would ever have.

Cush was outside with some of his friends sitting in the foyer welcoming visitors and not thinking about going to farm and his two grandsons Sheba and Dedan, sons of Raamah playing not too far from him. Congratulations my in-law, Gomer a close relative of his wife said to him as he came near. Thank you but you know this is not the first time I am going this way. Thank Yahweh I have an additional hand to help in my farm work. I hope he is as strong as his brother. In between him and his brothers are three girls, I just hope he doesn’t get to think like women coupled with the fact that he is tiny.

Inside the women asked Mama Seba what the baby’s name was. Nimrod she said as she looked upon her tender gift with such tenderness that could melt an iron back to its ore. The name soothes him well and it’s not a very popular name in our community. Her sister-in-law looked quite shocked, why that name, she asked? Because of all the trouble he gave me in the womb, seems to be that he is going to be more of a rebel. Who knows he might revolt against God for all the trouble he has brought upon us. She said the last statement with a sigh and her eyes staring into some distant land. You know, my husband’s field hasn’t produced much in this year and now that this one is coming he might break the jinx…

Nimrod! Nimrod! Nimrod! Cush shouted from the door way. Yes father. What are you doing inside wasting my time, you don’t like going with me to the field. Nimrod came out just then dressed for farm work, we can go now. With hoe and cutlass tied to the back of the donkey and the brothers waiting ahead, Nimrod and his father mounted their donkeys and started out in silence. Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sebteca started a story about a beautiful damsel they met the previous day and the bet they had on who would get to her first and win her heart. Seba and Raamah can’t join us in this expedition since they are married and Seba is the good husband taking care of his wife who chooses to take ill on this fateful day when he should be out finding a beautiful damsel to grace his bed in this period of his wife’s illness.

Nimrod irritated at the conversation brought up what has been on his mind for a while now. Father, you know I do better at hunting so why don’t you let me concentrate on hunting while you and my older brothers face the tilling of the ground. By this we can have two great occupations, who knows, I can become so blest in the field. That’s a great one Nimrod, Raamah who had been pre-informed said and I admire your great sense of thinking. You are old enough to make your own decisions, Cush replied. Do what you know is right. Moreover you keep sneaking away on me in the farm to do your hunting. It’s just that I thought an additional son would be more useful to me on the farm. Oh, father, Nimrod said with a twisted emotional voice, don’t talk like that. Isn’t hunting farming too? It’s Just expanding our horizon. We could make more from hunting since we don’t have skilled hunters these days. There are already too many farmers. Meeting a need is the way to success, niche for yourself stands you out. From tomorrow I will go out into the hunting business full time and I would be spending more time in the field. I’m sure by now you know better than to worry about me. I need your blessings father. As for marketing my kills, that won’t be a problem at all since I already have a way with people. You might call me a people’s man. This he said with so much confidence and smiles across his face.

And Nimrod grew mighty and powerful, becoming the greatest hunter on the surface of the earth. He became so mighty that he built eight great cities including famous Nineveh.

Story based on Gen 10:7-12

IMG_20150809_145354[1] My Family and I.

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