Johnnie and Femi, brothers from same parents were not contented with the kind of life their father, Johnson had offered them from childhood and had always thought of being better than their father. Their father was given to drinking even though he wasn’t usually drunk. Johnson had worked for the same company ever since Johnnie and Femi knew to call him father. And he hadn’t not being elevated much for the past 18 years.

Femi! Femi! Johnson was calling from his sofa in the sitting room. Femi, go and give your father his bottle of “Drum” or which is his latest? Origin, Johnnie told Femi with a teasing laughter. Sir, he came out to stand in front of his dad. Get me two cans of origin from the refrigerator. Daddy, the refrigerator was closer to you than to me who was in the room trying to study, moreover you have just taking to bottles of beer about an hour ago. He said as he gathered all boldness to say. Johnson tried hard not to unleash his anger in his always venomous long speech. Today he was going to try as much as possible to make it short and get done with his soothing relief, ORIGIN. He didn’t have to look him straight in the eye for Johnson had always thought that a waste of time. If you were going to amount to something, Johnson started like he was mincing his word; you would have passed Jamb since? You have written Jamb thrice and where did it end you, one of the rooms in my house which I am hoping to turn to a store soon. You can’t get admission and you still can’t obey simple instruction. Oh! Now I understand. You can’t gain admission because you can’t obey simple instruction and that you got from your mother. All you would remain and I think you should know that by now is an attendant boy in that useless bar you work in. when I was in secondary school, I always came first and if not because my father died, you think I will be where I am today. That was why I didn’t waste my money paying for your first Jamb because I can’t waste money on an empty head…

That was Johnnie being faced with his own discouragement factor, and many people are. It could be class mates, friends, siblings, teacher or neighbours who laugh and mock your dreams. The reason they laugh is because they can’t dream far and so they see your dream as unrealistic. I remember a course I had in school, Organic chemistry which a lot number of people did badly in the C.A I did well. When it was time for the exams I said to my roommates that I was going to have an A. one of them which did badly and assumed that all of us taking that course in the room did worse than her said to me, “are you going to steal the marks”, and laughed at me. Needless to say that when results were out, I got what I wanted and she carried the course over. Don’t expect everyone to accept your dreams and aspirations but make sure to pursue them with all dogged determination and right counsel from people who have gone ahead and have greater insight. Remember not to share your thoughts and dreams with everyone and anyone, talk to those who can help you achieve it and not try to kill it like Joseph’s brothers. Let God’s word be your guiding principles and not what people say or do and not what is obtainable in a corrupt society. Carve out a niche for yourself by doing something better. Remember also not to keep your dreams inside, tell someone who can guide you properly. In the multide of counsels there is wisdom.

My brother once said, “If your dream don’t scare you, you haven’t dreamt big enough”


  1. That’s true. When people determine ur foresight through criticism it means u av given them enough power to destroy u.what people criticise is what is lacking in their lives that they refuse to achieve bt want to kill others from achieving it.more grace


  2. Nice piece.There is no one better than you,believing in oneself is the first step to self actualisation.When people can’t achieve something they try to discourage others and most times these negative people are always close to you.So people should learn to go on a retreat and think stuff through and take charge of their destiny.


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