Oh, that bastard, that son of a.., then she came back to herself. I don’t like to use such foul but that beast, just makes me do that. Oh, God! She said with her hands covering her face, I don’t know how I’m going to manage not to pull the trigger right into his forehead if I see him. Just make me not to sight him because he might just be better off dead.

Oh, my sister, then the tears flowed freely like some pool had just been let loose. How could this have happened to her? She had kept herself all this while with a promise that only her husband will take his rightful due then this wench, comes and snatches it from her and in such a manner that she ends on admission unconscious. He has to pay! I will fight him until he loses all he cherishes most. He thinks he knows how to rob, he has just robbed the wrongest person. For now let me check how Mercy is doing. My shower calls, after answering the call then my pursuit begins.

Simon and two of his friends were in the lounge of his house chatting and gisting. Simon, it was Tade calling on him, you have been distant since we came around. Is all well?

All is well just not really in the mood today. Feel like lying on my bed.

And relishing the fun of yesterday, Sammie said with a teasing smile.

Simon smiled with heaviness in his throat like a big rock was there and he was finding it hard to swallow. Excuse me guys, I will just retire to my bed. You know how to take care of yourselves. My head hurts and I hope a nap will ease the pain. Lock the door with your spare of the key Tade, don’t bother waking me up. He stood and strode away like he might fall from a long time illness that has eating into his bones. Simon laid his bed and for the first time he was really grateful he had this bed, the only friend he could really tell the truth and would not leave him, the only friend he could share his unabated restlessness and guilt. He didn’t think he would feel this way after what happened, it was normal to have sex. If it didn’t happen that way it would have happened another way, all is still sex. But his heart and profession told him no. consent is different from force. And so he couldn’t sleep.

Mercy was awake when Nkem entered. She ran to hug her sister and started crying. I’m sorry for what happened, I’m sorry I didn’t see it coming but I promise you that he will pay for it. His license is what I want to be taking from him. His 7 years of study will be taken from him, his years of practice will be robbed him as he robbed you of what you priced most. You ended many relationships because you won’t give what they were asking and then that beast of an animal, the devil in human skin comes along and snatches it away from you and leaves you in this bed. He is not supposed to be walking on earth but I will fight him with all in me. Mercy sat still looking at her sister blank like she was transported into another realm.

Tosin entered with food and beverage she had gone out shortly to buy for Mercy. Thank you Tosin. Can I see privately? Nkem asked. They stepped out to the hall way. How did it happen, who was this guy? How did they meet? Tosin started to speak with a tone of regret. He is a colleague in the hospital. We all became friends about six months ago. He looked like a good guy and we felt safe around him. His name is Simon Adeyemo. The name stroke a cord in her. She had met him before or so it seemed to her. Do you know where he lives? I want to contact my lawyer.

I know where he lives. But Mercy doesn’t want us to meet him. She believes he has done the havoc, so what can redeem the irredeemable.

Rubbish, arrant rubbish, Nkem retorted. I don’t want to care what she thinks, I’m going to get justice for her no matter what it takes. Just take me to where he lives or give me his address. I will make sure he craws and begs and then ends up losing everything he loves. If he comes back to this world a second time he would never talk to a woman talk more of raping her.

Alright. When do you want us to go to him? Tosin asked.

When I contact my lawyer later in the day, we would conclude when to go…

This was the eight month after the incidence of the rape and it looked like Mercy had moved on but Nkem was still on her vengeance mission and her vengeance motion would not let Mercy forget what she bury under the carpet.

Nkem’s phone rang, it was her lawyer. Nkem, Simon has being calling and said you still refuse picking his calls. He is pleading for an out of court settlement. Nkem, he was silent for a while, Simon is sorry and we should at least give him a chance.

Nkem blurted out. Do you know what it means to be raped? Or is it because it was not your sister that was raped? But Nkem, you sister wants us to let this rest. Does she really know what is good for her? Nkem I believe we should handle this matter in a better way. Bitterness has eaten into you, even the victim is not as victimizing as you. I would like to get over this conversation and continue other things. We would meet in court next week or hopefully before then. Bye for now.

She dropped her phone on the table and was walking towards the refrigerator to pour herself some juice to calm her nerves and then her phone rang. Who is that calling again?

Hello, who is on the line?

Its Stella, Sis Stella from church. Oh! Sis Stella, how are you?

I’m fine. I’m actually calling you in respect to the Christian community worship coming up the last Saturday in August in church. You are supposed to be part of it but we haven’t seen you for all while in church. So please we would love you to make yourself available in church. Do we have an assurance of your presence? She smiled into her phone and said she would be available for the rehearsals and preparation.


  1. Thanks Ojonoka. As I read through the fictions, I actually see people in this situation and was actually looking for the names uses as if they were real people in church. God bless your ministry pastor lovina.


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