Loveth stood up from her bed unsure of what it was she was hearing. It can’t be, maybe I’m imagining, she said to herself. She got up from her bed to check on Jasmine in the next room.

Jasmine, what was that I was hearing? We need to talk

Have I not told you not to make close friends with Debby? I told you I don’t feel comfortable with her. So what was the moaning sound I heard and the compromising position I met you both? Loveth asked.

There was no moaning anywhere, Debby and I just laid close to each other and that was all, that was all you saw. Maybe you were dreaming about the moaning sound.

You dear lie to me seeing the position I met you in? I’m your elder sister and I really don’t have problem with Debby but I feel that with you both something will go wrong. Jasmine, you just entered this school and this is my fifth year in school. I will soon be gone and I want you to get it right before I go. I want your foot grounded before I take a bow out.

Now, sister, Jasmine started. You are just paranoid. I told you there was nothing. If you do or don’t mind, excuse me. With that Jasmine went back to Debby.

Loveth and Jasmine were sisters of the same family. Loveth was the first and Jasmine was the last. In-between them were two boys, Lawrence and Joshua. But it began to seem that Jasmine was forgetting her position and really was tasting the depth of the river with both feet.

Loveth couldn’t help feeling insulted and shamed before Debby for it looked like Debby had won this one and turned her sister against her.

Time went on and Jasmine was getting attached to Debby day by day and Loveth was at loss for what to do. She really couldn’t explain why she shouldn’t let her sister be over Debby but, she found no peace within herself over their closeness. Maybe the moaning she heard wasn’t real after all but she thought she has heard it again more than once but never met any indicting situation except meeting a sister in a state of ecstasy and a feeling of pleasure…

Lawrence welcome. It’s good to have you visit with us. Jasmine walked in with Debby who had become more like a roommate than a visitor. Who is that? Lawrence asked Loveth after the both ladies greeted and had gone off to their room.

It’s a friend of Jasmine that she met a few months back. I don’t feel cool about their friendship but Jasmine won’t listen to me. The thing is that I can see that Jasmine is deteriorating morally, she seems to be losing her values. Anytime I call her attention to these things, she literarily walks out on me straight into her arms and tells her what I discussed with her.

Lawrence, a little carried away with Debby’s beauty, said, Loveth cut the girl some slack. I really don’t see any issues with the young lady. Free them. They look to me like a perfect pair. Jasmine will learn to take care of herself when you are gone.

Debby was enjoying all the debate between Jasmine and her sister. At least she has succeeded in making Jasmine turn deaf ears to her sister. Debby was glad she was accomplishing a mission, a mission to make Jasmine like her and was sure Loveth was about to graduate losing this game to her. She should be called the queen of chess, she thought in her heart while smiling to herself. But why she hated Loveth, she couldn’t tell


Loveth received a call from her mum on a Monday morning while at work. Her mum needed her to come to the village because of Jasmine. This time Loveth could bet that Jasmine was in a trouble. So she travelled home the next day.

Jasmine was sitting on a stool outside and was looking almost like a hag. Loveth saw Jasmine and couldn’t believe it was her kid sister. Immediately she arrived, her mum had brought her to where Jasmine was sitting outside. She got pregnant, gave birth but the baby died and now she has some complications and it seems she is not very mentally stable, their mum said. Please Loveth, help me with her.

Loveth didn’t know when she lost her calm and flared up. Why should I have to take her and deal with her issues? I sensed it was going to get to this when she was all over Debby. She would shout at me and walk out of me in front of her. She wanted to prove a point that she was a woman of herself and not under the care of anyone to Debby and would rather choose to disrespect me her eldest sister. Now she is to be my problem.

Loveth, help me. No matter what, you are her second mother. You never throw away the bath water with the baby. I am handicapped in this matter.

Ok, mum. I will take her. Help pack her things so we can leave right away. I have to be at work tomorrow. I will go find something for my stomach.


Loveth had taken Jasmine to the hospital that morning. She didn’t think anything will bring her to this general hospital and she had hoped nothing personal brings her here but today she found herself here. Loveth asked jasmine to sit in the reception so she could make inquiries and also register her in order to see a doctor.

Jasmine, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t go anywhere. Sit here till I come back. Is that clear? Yes Jasmine said.

There was a man who it seemed was walking out of the hospital and when he saw Jasmine turned back. The truth was that he had studied Jasmine and decided that she was his prey.

Hello, young lady. Good morning.

Good morning. How may I help you? Jasmine replied

Do you want an IV, a free IV for when you decide to get married?

Yes. I will be grateful but is it for real

He handed her a bundle of already designed IV. Just walk down there and tell them to hold it for you. As soon as she turned her back to go, the man was gone. She walked a few steps and then started bleeding from her mouth and then Jasmine was no more. Jasmine was dead.

And then Loveth woke from her dream. Alas it was a dream. Thank God it was a dream. The truth is that it was a warning for both her and Jasmine.

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