Today is

Overwhelmed with

Minding its

Own really

Resilient and




Tomorrow has never really being a friend of today. Today wishes it could spend more time but its allocated 24hrs after which its term is gone and another government comes to play but when tomorrow comes then it becomes today and today has always hated sharing its name with tomorrow and everyone keeps looking forward to the coming of tomorrow while today becomes yesterday and everyone says forget it, it’s a past.

The great business man looks forward to tomorrow, makes plans and profit for tomorrow using today, the sluggard makes the matter worse by not giving today its dues, looking forward to hand it over to tomorrow but when tomorrow comes its name is today so he keeps waiting for tomorrow to come when it will be answering tomorrow.

The rich man never gets enough because he is storing for tomorrow, the poor man never stops hoping because he is hoping for a good tomorrow and many times they forget to take care of today, live life today, bless someone today, leave a good impact today, they forget that today tells a whole lot of stories too and always likes to share the message abroad after it becomes yesterday.

Then matter also becomes another thing when some live for today only hoping to die tomorrow for they don’t know what tomorrow brings they say but when now tomorrow has become today and they are lost because they forgot that today and tomorrow are already used to changing their names from time immemorial.

Don’t carry tomorrow’s trouble on your head for sufficient is day’s trouble for itself and don’t forget to pray, work, eat, rest, play and put a smile on people’s faces for tomorrow may never come.


  1. Thank you for this article. Hmmm… most of us even think of tomorrow and forget the fact that the impact of Today is not affected by the actions of tomorrow rather tomorrow is affected by the impacts of Today.

    Live your life to impact others today so that when Tomorrow becomes today, you will be happy to hear its story.

    May God help us.


  2. Thank you for this inspiring article. Hmmm… most of us even think of Tomorrow forgeting the fact that Today is not affect by the actions of Tomorrow, but Tomorrow is affected by the Impact of Today.

    Live your life impacting others Today so that when Tomorrow becomes today, you will be happy hearing its story.

    May God help us.


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