What You May Not Understand

That the seed of greatness is in everyman is almost a stale knowledge to every man above 10 years of age for its being preached almost more than the sermon of the calvary. That the potential to greatness is innate is no news but why all fingers not equal and truth be spoken they never will is what we may not understand.
The index finger will never grow taller than the middle finger except there is an abnormality and yet the tallest finger is not the most important finger, not even important enough to bear the wedding ring, the one next to it is. But one thing you can be sure of is, the fact that the hand cannot do without the index finger which means its not the least. I will call the arrangement of the fingers, “the specialization that brings actualization”.
The fingers are not equal so that there would be a balanced system, so that they could form a curve whenever necessary. That’s what happens with us too. As the earth is not flat so also is the activity and relationship of man. It necessasitates curve sometimes and we need this difference in height to bring a balance in the system. But there can’t be a balance when we leave our roles and work undone and then focus our energy envying and wishing for other people’s positions. There can’t be a balance when we think of our position and selves as little and inconsequential. Imagine entering an office to see the MD and every where is dirty and dusty. The first thing you ask yourself is, “where is the cleaner?” Because everyone has their role and each role is important for the proper functioning of the other in the system.
So what you need to understand is this:

Success is not money, success is making a difference

Success is playing out your role with all diligence and commitment

Success is leaving an indelible mark on the lives of people and making your meeting them worth the while

Success is enjoying what you do and not grumbling at what is not.

Success is not height but accomplishment of all tasks in good time.

Money is a reward for success.


Zekeri, Ojonoka

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