The Colour in My Hair


When I was born, going by what my mum and picture tells me, I had a very dark hair. It was dark, thick, full and beautiful. I fall in love with my baby picture any time I see it. My mum had it hung on the wall and any time babies came around they cried after the baby im the picture. They cry for the baby, they want the baby but they dont cry after me because they didnt realise that the baby they are Crying after is the adult taking care of them and trying to have their attention. To make the matter funny is that some of this babies refuse me carrying them but keep crying after my baby picture. My baby hair gave my baby picture the colour.

Now I’m all grown and hoping to be a mother soon and I have a different hair all together. After cutting ny hair several times I can make bold to say that my hair carries a different colour. I still go to the hair salon and say I want to make my hair but i dont see any baby nor adult crying after my hair. So much has changed, not only with my hair but with everything about and around me. I dont have any of the friends I used to have as a baby and a child. My parents are still my parents but so much has changed simply because we have all changed. When I was younger, I saw life differently and saw enemies in trivial things but now I can understand the scripture that says, a mans enemies are of his own household and it makes me learn how to be more effective in praying. And I also know that my enemy is not flesh and blood but principality and powers. When i was younger I quoted the scripture, be thou perfect as your father in heaven is perfect without understanding but now I know that the perfection there is to be perfect in love as my father in heaven is perfect in love.

As a child with my beautiful hair, I had a beautiful heart and my mum told me that even her principal that was mean and stingy gave me gift but as I grow older, maybe I lost my beautiful heart with my hair but now I understand, that when you love your enemies and pray for everyone, when you don’t assume what men are saying and you stop deducing their actions you find peace and you can love them. When you make excuses for their wrongs you easily forgive them and when you let go of yourself and deal with the matter of the old nature and you are led by the spirit of God then you can have a beautiful heart.

When I was a child, my innocence made me beutiful, my hair had its color and now that I’m grown, wisdom and grace with tenderness makes me beautiful and meekness will give my hair colour.

*now don’t think that is me up there, its a  baby picture.*winks*

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