Who Are You?


Ask yourself this today, tell “you” the sincere truth and we can move forward today.

What do you live for?
Who do you live for?
What’s your driving force?
Who is your driving force?
What keeps you going?
Who keeps you going?
Why are you doing what you are doing?
When was the last time you tried something new?
What are your shadows?
Why do you have shadows?
When last did you give up yourself to place smile on others face?
When was the last time someone’s smile lighted up your day?

If you have answered these questions and your answers are centered on yourself, ambition and fear then you need to take a look out of the window and see that you are just one of the numerous human race, you could be a granule of sand on the sea shore that needs the rest to make it worthwhile, for its texture to be felt.

But if your answers are love, God and others then we are on the right way, the way to making a difference and leaving an impact.

Share your answers with us, it would be appreciated.

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