I Started Writing Since I was Seven

Tomi Adesina, is a distinguished fiction blogger, screen writer. She graduated from Bowen University where she finished with a first class in Microbiology.

How I started writing.

Hmmm, writing found me. I have always been writing stories as far back as I can remember which is when I was seven.

How easy did the writing career come along for me?

I have had my fair share of disappointment in writing and the first of which was when I couldn’t afford the money to get published. I was fresh out of high school and quite upset so I gave up on my writing, since it was almost me reading me. (And there were my brothers who would listen to my stories. I would create series which I would tell them for days and they never did end. I got tired and hooked off on another story)

When I got into the university, I went there with some of my handwritten novels. A particular friend was always reading them from my first year and she always had kind words for me. I was encouraged but never acted on them. I really had given up at that stage.

However, in my third year, another friend of mine read a novel of mine from my laptop and was in tears afterwards, I was stunned and after she was calm and we spoke about how I really didn’t care about putting me out there as not only didn’t I have the resources for them, I was just not interested. But then, she mentioned blogging to me…it was after then that I started blogging fiction. It was the best decision I ever made regarding my writing. The rest is history.

What I studied and how I feel about it.

I studied Microbiology in Bowen University and I don’t regret it. I am proud of that Microbiologist, Tomi and this Tomi. The writer you know. The writer I Am.

My motivation has always been to write. There is a lot to say. I do it better when I write it down. And I can only write more, because as time and tide flies, there’s a lot more to tell…so much to tell. I get to fall in love with words everyday and so it’s just beautiful to write.

What I do currently

Currently, I am a screenwriter with several TV credits to my name and an Indie Filmmaker with a produced docudrama (Her Lines) and a short film in postproduction.

I took a huge leap towards Screenwriting in my final year (It all started out as a joke to me because I just wanted to try something new ‘briefly’ but then, God always has plans and I have been there since late 2013.

Some of my works

Blog fiction:

Please Break My Heart

Dear Future Husband

Broken…or not

All Fun and Games

Beautiful Stranger Clandestine

Two Weeks to Go

Fola King


Broadway (soap opera)

Deadline (TV series)

Bedlam (Film)

Her lines (Docudrama)

Goodbye words

Honestly only God can direct your path. The most important thing is to follow your dreams, be that person that God wants you to be. you can go wrong. Its never too late to start neither is it too early to begin. Make right choices.

Connect with Tomi

Twitter – @tomi_adesina

Instagram – @tomiadesina

Facebook – facebook.com/moradeadesina

Blog – tomiadesina.wordpress.com

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